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Big Data Analytics – An Emerging Application of Technology

Added on -2019-09-23

This article discusses the emerging trend of big data analytics in the field of cyber security. It highlights the characteristics of big data analytics technology and its use to improve cyber security, manage risks, increase resistance to attacks, decrease vulnerabilities in existing technology applications, and its exploitation by attackers. The article also mentions the positive and negative impacts of big data analytics in the field of cyber security.
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Big Data Analytics – An Emerging Application of TechnologyIntroductionBig data analytics is current trend of the data analysis that brings the most valuable informationfor which the big data are used in analytics processes. Big data is defined as the data having theproperties of velocity, veracity, variety. Big data is generated in millions of bytes per second sothat it contains every piece of information. Big data analytics is showing the abundant scope toimprove the cyber security. US government survey stated that 84% of respondents declined thesecurity breaches by the help of big data in blocking the attacks. The company that has the hugeanalytics users have much of the confidence that to use of analytics to detect the threat ofcyberspace (Hussain, & Roy, 2016). The article ITWire states that most eleven common cyberthreats, the biggest gaps concerning the ability of the organizations to detect advanced malwareand ransom ware compromised devices. There is need of the risk management and intelligentaction oriented. This is common with the big data analytics to manage risks and provideintelligence actionable item to make cyber defense.Cyber security positive implication of the selected technology such as big data analytics arestated with following points.Big data analytics provides the intelligent mechanisms to analyzed the relevant securityrelated data to find out the effective and robust cyber defense mechanismThe solution of security breaches are identified and employed timely when the big dataanalytics is used to find out the defensive solution.Big data analytics enhances the confidence of analysts by providing much scope forfinding the appropriate solution for the given security issues and braches.Characteristics of Big data Analytics TechnologyBig data analytics is characterized as a process to analyze the various facets of the system to getthe desired outcomes. There are so many tools and technology available to execute the analysisprocess. In case of the cyber security big data provides the risk identification, risk assessment todevelop the intelligent defensive mechanism or application to protect the informational assets of
the consumers and businesses. Big data analytics has tools which provides the help in analysis ofdata with automated task. Due to this fact of big data timely result of the actionable system ormechanism is derived from the large volume of data by applying the effective process ofanalytics. The analyst of big easily classify and categorize the threats in time which assists thequick decision for the defensive action behind the discovered threat. Big Data Analytics Use to Improve Cyber SecurityTechnology such as big data analytics quickly solves the issues and problems associated with thecyber security industry. Big data and its analytics allows the security industries such as Norton,Semantic, and Kaspersky, etc to identify the anomalies and advanced attack vectors (Leenen, &Meyer, 2016). For example, SentinelOne uses the machine learning paired with cloudintelligence and automated response to detect the malicois activity and when there is need ofresponse then it respond. Big data analytics technology make the intelligent and automated aware defense mechanism inthe defense application to detect all malicious activities and take automated action to prevent thedamage of the information assets of the users. The PDR (Prevent, Detect and respond) system ofsecurity mechanism becomes too robust and effective by the help of big data analytics. Big Data Analytics to Manage RisksRisk management includes the risk identification, risk assessment, and risk mitigation. Thesethree pillars of risk management by the help of big data analytics are efficiently carried out.Large volume and variety of data increase the scope to identification of risk. The relevantsecurity breach data and other security related data stored in data warehouse are taken to analyzethe attack vectors and find out the pattern of attacks. This helps the findings of finer aspectsrelated with the security breaches by attack process analysis.The known pattern of attacks and security vulnerabilities are effectively analyzed and scope ofthe identification of risks are enhanced by the big data analytics technology. Massive dataprocessing by big data analytics also maximize the possibility of risk identification. Today, thebig data analytics technologies are so advanced that can automate whole analytics processes todetect the risk and vulnerability of the cyber system. Whenever the risks are identified the

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