How a Bill Becomes a Law

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BILL TO LAW PROCESSBill to Law ProcessName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1BILL TO LAW PROCESSNurses are considered influential members of the community and the political system.There are problems and concerns in this organization that has the capacity to be legislated. In theUnited States, accidents related to motors are a major cause of death and injuries among thechildren. Approximately, 602 minor children died as occupants due to motor vehicles whereas350 children were severely injured. However, majorities of these injuries and death can becontrolled through enforcement of proper child safety legislation.In case of the nurses, there are problems that can be legislated. While there is need forchild safety in school buses, on the other hand a number of nurses were recognizing thesignificance of the change in public healthcare approaches to ensure that safety belts become apriority in the existing school buses. Due to this, more number of nurses became inspired intaking up the advocacy tools or measures to influence legislative process and public policies thatgovern the healthcare structure of the United States (Waddell, 2016). It encompasses going a stepforward from their practice to politics that represents some kind of unfamiliar setting for manynurses. Therefore, in the beginning, an idea is first developed to legislate the problems.Thereafter, a bill is drafted and hence introduced. The speaker of the House sends the bill to acommittee. The member of the committee votes on the bill. If the bill passes, it is then sent to theRules Committee. In the Rule Committee, the bill comes up for debate. Majorly, the Housedebates on the bill and it might add or make amendments. If majority votes in favor of the bill, itgoes up to the Senate. It is the duty of a Senator to introduce the bill that is being sent to acommittee. Thereafter, if the committee wholly gives vote for the bill, it goes up to the entireSenate. Maximum number of floor leaders decide when the whole Senate will consider the bill.A debate takes place on the bill and therefore amendments might be added. If majority votes infavor of the bill, it is returned to the House. If the House rejects any of the amendments, the Bills
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