The Biography of Trail blazer

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Running head: TRAILBLAZER BIOGRAPHY1Trail Blazer Biography
TRAILBLAZER BIOGRAPHY2Cancer is one of the leading causes of death today. The discovery of medical techniques centuries ago have not been fruitful in mitigating the problem. Research is an important part of medical science because illnesses keep changing, and taking many forms. Marie Curie died in the process of trying to find these solutions to human health care problems. The development of radiotherapy came about because of investing time, experience and knowledge. The commitmentto the profession explains the discovery of useful techniques used in human health problems today. Marie Curie died at a tender age of 66 having discovered the X-ray and radiotherapy. Her cause of death was the source of her inspiration-radiation effects. A journey that started as an experiment led to exposure to harmful radiation, which caused her critical medical conditions. Asa sacrificial lamb, she paved the way for modern approaches to treatment and diagnosis such as the CT scan and MRI diagnostic techniques[ CITATION Giv17 \l 1033 ].The availability of the X-ray services makes it popular across the globe. Its use of radiation to check the body discovers malfunctions in the bones, and growths in tissues for appropriate medical attention. This paves the way for detailed analysis of different medical conditions. The invention of high-energy techniques or radiotherapy is another breakthrough in scientific research, which gave practitioners the ability to diagnose the internal and external partsof a human body [ CITATION Mac17 \l 1033 ]. Although the discovery of these techniques was a breakthrough for curative and diagnostic care, cancer remains a leading cause of death[ CITATION WHO17 \l 1033 ]. Medical practitioners are not exempt from the negative effects of medical complications. The first female Nobel Prize winner, Marie Curie used her resources for research and development. With a background in Physics and Chemistry Marie believed in the use of

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