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Biological & Learning Psychology BEHL 2012

Added on - 23 Feb 2020

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BIOLOGICAL AND LEARNING PSYCHOLOGY (BEHL 2012)STUDY DESIGN PROPOSAL: ASSIGNMENT 1 (2017)PROFORMA(173 words in proforma do NOT count in word count)STUDENT’S NAME: SOULIAMAEL-YOUSSEF1.TITLE (2 MARKS):The Adelhaide zoo is brought into light to the enclosure evaluation of the behavioral structures of the captive animals.The species that is chosen for study is the African lion (Common name), (Panthera leo)(scientific name).2.BACKGROUND ABOUT ENRICHMENT FOR CAPTIVE ANIMALS AND YOUR SPECIES (6 MARKS):(a)Describe enrichment for captive animals and why zoo-housed animals need enrichment (3 marks).Environment enrichment is the concept that defines that environments of captive animals can be changed for the benefits of the animals. This also describes thebehavioral enrichment. Alternatively, it also refers to the process of improving or enhancing the zoo animal environment. Practically it is implicated to increasethe behavioral diversity, reduce the frequencies of the abnormal traits and thus increase their positive utilization of environment (Young, 2013).Environment enrichment is taken to improve animal welfare of the captive species. For many years, this has been the popular area of research and has interested tanimal keepers, carers, industrial professionals. The captive animals are those which are kept under the human care. The environment enrichment is moreimpoverished in terms of sensory cues. Research was made in area focusing on the auditory, olfactory and visual methods of sensory stimulation zoo animals.The sensory stimulations results to changes suggest that the environment enrichment has enhanced the welfare of the physical and psychological welfare (Keen
et al, 2014). The zoo housed animals mainly need environment enrichment to increase the quality of the captive animals in optimal psychological andphysiological well-being of the species. Thus the behavioral enrichment in the environment promotes the reduction of the frequency of the abnormal behaviors.The environment enrichment will increase the better survival of the zoo animals by increasing their development in behavior, social development.(b)Provide brief details about your chosen species in the ‘wild’. What is its natural habitat? Is it endangered? Is it a social or semi-solitary species?(3 marks).Panthera leois found all over the areas of Africa and Sub Saharan regions. Their preferred habitat is to have a broad habitat tolerance. Their natural habitat caninclude savannah, woodlands to desert, mountains and they tend to prefer thick bush, scrub, grass that will ensure their cover during hunting. African lions aresocial animals as they live in groups which are also known as ‘LION PRIDE’. The lions are social animals so that they can hunt efficiently, and for raising thecubs, infanticide (Eby et al, 2013). The large family groups of lions which are known as pride comprise of dominant male and a dozen of females with theiroffspring. Lioness in the group helps for hunting and babysitting duties.3.DESCRIPTION OF INFORMATION ON ADELAIDE ZOO WEBPAGE ABOUT YOUR SPECIES (4 MARKS):
(a)About your species and IUCN Red list (2 marks).The chosen species from the Adelaide zoo is marked as Vulnerable from IUCN (Riggio et al, 2013). The conservation status reveals that has more likelychance to become endangered and so the circumstances that threaten their survival must be improved. The Vulnerable species occur due to loss of theirhabitat.From the Aldelaide zoo web page, a huge amount of information and status of the selected species can be found. It has been estimated that 16-30,00 lionsare found in the wild. However, new data has revealed that lion can be classified critically endangered in Africa with less than 400 individuals remainingin the sub Saharan Africa. The majestic male African lion, Mujambi has been moved from Mogo zoo to Adelaide zoo in 2007. Mujambi likes the scentbased enrichment like the lemon geranium. The lion faces epileptic like seizes. There are lioness duos, Amani, Yizi. The environment enrichment hasalso been included for them (Szokalski, Foster & Litchfield, 2013).(b)About individual animals housed at Adelaide Zoo (2 marks).Adelaide zoo is the house that is made of 3,000 animals and 250 exotic and native mammals, birds, reptiles and fish. They are provided with their naturalenvironment that helps them in their living. They are exhibited over eight hectares of botanic surrounding. The captive ground encloses the species likeSumatran tigers, orangutans. The front entrance has elephant house. It is also the home for giant pandas named Wang Wang and Puni. The botanic feature of the
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