Biological Difference and Scientific Validity of Concept of Race


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Biological difference and the scientific validity of concept of raceThe concept of race is rooted in the minds of general public and scholar to an extent that they leave no stone unturned prove their perception. Most are of the view that the people from the different race possibly has different biological construct and they are different (“AAA Statement on Race”, 2017).However, the same opinion cannot is not represented by the scientific community. Researchers have found that the variation among the individual within a particular race is up to 94% considering various parameters, whereas difference between two groups (race) is mere 6%. It has been argued that the concept of race has no major relationship with the biological aspects. The term ‘race’ was coined by few of the Europe’s key ruling parties to colonize the America . In the historical context, the meaning of ‘race’ has been imposed on the perception of the public and there not major variations except as per the appearance are concerned. The concept of race was modelled to classify the people from colonial rules as some sort of superior beings and the rest of the masses such as Africans, Indians, and others as the inferiorbeings. When the United States was being developed, the leaders from the Europe intentionally associated superior traits of the term ‘race’ to the individuals from Europe and inferior traits to the black people and the Indians. One of the interesting finding has been that the genetic variations of the people Europe and Asia is the subset of variation in the African population. The study states that the people havespent time in Africa more than any other places on this planet (“Race and Human Variation”, 2017).

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