Biology Assignment | DNA Sequence

Added on - May 2020

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Biology2Question 1The type of BLAST search chosen for this BLAST was nucleotide blast. The DNA sequenceprovided for the purpose s of this assignment was of a nucleotide sequence.Question 2Name of the gene:splendensQuestion 3a)Organism from which the unknown sequence has been derivedMallomonas splendensb)Subgroup of the organismPhylumOchrophytaQuestion 4Full reference of the publicationBeech, P.L..S..V..G.R.a.M.I., 1999.Direct Submission. Sydney: School of Botany, University ofMelbourne.Question 5Number of nuclides in the coding sequence for this protein498Question 6The STOP codon for the gene is TGA[CITATION Bee99 \p 1230 \l 1033 ]Question 7
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