Biology Assignment on Mice

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Biology1BiologyName:Course:Professors Name:University:City / (State):Date:
Biology21.1 In mice, white far is dominant, what type of offspring will you expect in a cross betweenheterozygous individual and the one with grey farThe genotypic ration is 2wg:2ggFor white fur Wg 1/4*100=25%For grey far gg 1/4*100=25%The resulting Phenotype white mice and grey micegggWWgggggWg
Biology3b. Haemophilia is a genetic disorder where the faulty gene is located on the Xchromosome. A female carrier has children with a healthy male. Explain using punnet square theprobability of having healthy, carrier or affected children. Can they have an affected daughter?Can they have an affected son? Explain the differenceXhXXXhXX XYXhYXYThe ratio is 1 Carrier: 2 healthy:1 hemophilicProbability of getting carrier is 25 %Probability of getting healthy children is 50%Probability of getting hemophilic is 25 %From the above results, one daughter will be a carrier, one boy will be hemophilic, andone boy and a girl will be healthy. One boy will be hemophilic. Being a carrier does not affectthe health meaning that the affected children are the ones who inherited the disease, these are thetwo boys with the genes XhY. If the mother is a carrier, the son will receive one of thechromosomes with haemophilia. Also, one daughter will receive one X chromosome withhaemophilia. Since the father is healthy, the X and Y chromosomes inherited by the children willnot be affected in any case (Ohno, 2013). In this case, the two boys will have XhY and XYchromosomes while the daughters will have XhX and XX chromosomes.A baby will inherit the X chromosome from with a dominant gene for a normal bloodclotting for the father hence she will not have haemophilia. Because the daughter got ahemophilic gene Xhfrom mother, she will be a carrier meaning that she will be healthy and thedisease will not affect her. For sons, they only need one Xhto be affected by the disease (Ohno,
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