Biomedical Science Assignment | Drosophila as a Model Organism

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Running head: DROSOPHILA AS A MODEL ORGANISMDrosophila as a model organismName of the student:Name of the university:Author Note:
1DROSOPHILA AS A MODEL ORGANISMTable of ContentsIntroduction:2Limitations:3Improvements:5References:6
2DROSOPHILA AS A MODEL ORGANISMIntroduction:Research is an exceptional part of biomedical science; without proper and extensive researchactivities, the progress of health care and biomedical sciences will be restricted. However, inorder to continue extensive biomedical researches involving human beings, a considerable modelorganism is extremely necessary, and one of the most common model organisms that thebiomedical science uses abundantly isDrosophila melanogaster.Drosophilaor the fruit fly isone of the most successful model organism used in the biological investigations due to its highlycomparable genetic makeup. The neurobiological and physiological traits of this organism areconsidered to be very similar to most of the animal system (Apidianakis and Rahme 2011). On amore elaborative note, there are a few key reasons to why this model organism is the mostabundantly used in the biological investigations; first and foremost the organism has a suitablyshort life cycle which is extremely helpful while conducting genetic or physiologicalexperiments. The mechanism of culturing and maintenance of cultures are also very easy whenconsidering the model organism of concern. And lastly and most importantly, considering thegenetic makeup of the organism, it has low number of chromosomes, a small genome size andpresence of polytene chromosome which make research activities like genetic engineering,probing and protein expression studies extremely easy. However, despite all the advantages thatthe organism has in the medical research field there are some significant disadvantages that areassociated with usingDrosophilaas a model organism (Bellés 2010). This assignment willexplore these limitations in acute detail and will also attempt to determine the attempts orinitiatives taken to overcome the limitations.
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