Bird By Bird. Reflective Writing. The book Bird by bird

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Bird By BirdReflective Writing
The book Bird by bird has been filled with the various humorous and sarcastic observationsmade by Anne Lamott from her personal experiences in the life. (SparkNotes: Bird by Bird:Plot Overviewet al., 2016). Chapters like ‘Shitty first dates’, ‘Broccoli’ and ‘Radio stationKFKD’ (Bird by Bird Summaryet al., 2016)it is clear that the book is not written merely forthe sake of writing but a lot of attention is paid to original content. She made it clear ifanyone who wants to write something seriously should understand first that there is only onechoice available to them and that is - commitment and she explained this by saying “The realpayoff is the writing itself, that a day when you have gotten your work done is a good day,that total dedication is the point”. This piece of advice has even worked in my personal lifeand has given better results than before.The narrative began with her father who was also an author and because of him she got theopportunity to meet other writers and scholars who helped in building her creativity andgradually enhancing it. Lamott has even mentioned advice for the writers like me in a clearmanner which I find very helpful though. Those who find it difficult to start a story and don’tknow where to start from, she has advised them to start the writings with some incidents oftheir childhood and mention them as truthfully as you can. Her straightforward advice like
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