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BIT103/DIP203 – SEM 3, 2016ASSIGNMENT 2Due date:4/11/16Weighting:25% of total marks for the subjectType:Pair assignment(A penalty of 5 marks per working day deduction from the marks obtained for this assignment willbe imposed for late submission.)RationaleThis assignment has been designed to assess students' ability to model data, by constructingan entity-relationship diagram and a relational data model for a particular scenario. Thisassignment addresses the following learning objectives for this subject:CLO2: discuss and apply database concepts such as primary key, secondary key, file,record, field, normalization, database security, integrity, and performanceCLO4: Create conceptual and logical database models for an information systemAssignment 2 evaluationThese criteria will be used to evaluate Assignment 2:The assignment is well presentedThe problem description is appropriate and the approach for the solution chosen isproperly detailed;Appropriate entities are identified;Appropriate relational data model is constructed;The entity-relationship diagram is consistent with the relational data model;Attributes are correctly identified;The primary keys are correctly identified;The relational data model is in third normal form. Foreign keys are correctly identified;Assumptions are listed.RequirementsYou are to create a database design specification (entity relationship diagram (ERD) andrelational data model (RDM)) from a given business description. You should present this ina report which also includes a short discussion of the approach for the solution. Thisassignment is to be carried out and reported individually.You must also submit a softcopy, just like for assignment 1, into Turnitin.com. Sign in to Turnitin and submit your Word document.oclass id: 8617113oenrollment passwd: database
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Meals2U Case StudyMeals2U is a restaurant meal-delivery service with branches in Kuala Lumpur, Ipohand Penang. They offer menu items from a large selection of restaurants in each city.Customers may place orders for items from any number of restaurants in their city and havetheir meals delivered directly to their doorstep.Section A. Meals2U would like to use a relational database to keep track of the variousrestaurants and their menu items. A sample menu from one of the restaurants offered by theKuala Lumpur branch is shown in Fig.1.Occasionally, a restaurant may offer promotions on certain items. The from-date andto-date of the promotion must be recorded along with the promotional price. Meals2U Kuala LumpurPusat Bandar DamansaraRestaurant: R1102 Rasa Sayang Address: 50, Jalan Sangsuria 50400 Kuala LumpurPhone Number: 03-20008888AppetizersA01 Tom Yam Soup RM 5.90A02 Popcorn Shrimp RM 7.90Main DishesM01 Nasi Lemak RM9.90M02 Chicken Rice RM15.90DrinksD01 Iced Tea RM1.50D02 Iced Milo RM 2.80DessertT01 Cendol RM5.00T02 Durian Puff RM3.00April Food Fair Promotion!Durian Puff at only RM2.50 per pieceChicken Rice at RM14.00From 1 – 30 April onlyPlease quote promo code FF12 when orderingFigure 1: Sample MenuSection B. When a customer places an order, they will give their contact information. Meals2Uwould like to store customer information in the database so that it can be easily retrieved.The customer will state which items they would like to order, and from which restaurants. Ifthere are any promotions on certain items, the promotional price will be used in the orderinstead of the menu price. Meals2U will inform the customer the total price of the order andtell them when to expect the delivery. A sample customer order is shown in Fig.2.The order details will be sent to the respective restaurants and a delivery rider will besent to collect the orders and deliver them to the customer. Meals2U has a team of delivery
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riders to handle deliveries. Because an order may involve several restaurants, one rider willbe assigned to one delivery at a time so that it is not too confusing. The rider will collect thepayment and return to Meals2U to wait for the next assignment.Meals2U Kuala LumpurPusat Bandar DamansaraCustomerID: C2988Name: Benedict ArnoldPhone: 012-3999222Address: Room 23-12 HELP ResidenceOrder No: O8723Order Date: 3 April 2013Order Time: 6:26 pmDelivery Rider: Jack Soong ID: JS01ItemRestaurantQtyPromo CodePrice(RM)Total(RM)M01 Nasi LemakR1102 Rasa Sayang2-9.9019.80T02 Durian PuffR1102 Rasa Sayang2FF122.505.00MA11 Fish and ChipsR541 Western Delite1-15.0015.00Order TotalRM39.80Cash only on delivery please.Thank you and please call again.Figure 2: Sample Customer Order FormRequired Items to submit:Based on Melas2U case study, you are required to: A.Individual part, each student will choose either Section A or Section B:Identify the information required for each section in the case study:1.Identify entities2.Identify attributes3.Identify functional dependencies4.Identify relationship and cardinalities5.List any assumptions that you make.6.Write a brief discussion of your solution, i.e. how you approached the overallmodelling problem and any issues you may have encountered (minimum of ½ page).Note: this should be done after you have finished all the questions in individual andgroup parts.
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