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BIT241- Professional Practice and Ethics | Assignment

Added on - 04 Mar 2020

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Professional Practice and Ethics1ETHICAL THEORIESName:Course:Tutor:Institution:City:Date:
Professional Practice and Ethics2Relevance of Ethical Theories in ICTIntroductionICT is defined as the information and communication technology. It is a technology of usingcomputers and internet. These technological inventions have caused positive and negativeinfluences in the society.Ethical theories help in decision making as they give guidelines to decision makers. For goodresult, there are principles (Mertens & Ginsberg 2009) to be looked upon; these principlesinclude;Beneficence which guides decision maker to do what is right and good.Autonomy which allows decision makers to focus on decisions which makes people autonomousand with control over their lives.Justice is another principle which helps in focusing on fairness in decision making.Types of ethical theoriesDeontology which says that obligations and duties should be followed strictly when makingdecision (Gray 2009).Utilitarianism which is a form of consequentialism theory and is states that one’s activity is usedto predict the outcome of an action and the one that produces high benefits which is ethicallyright (Jones & Bigley 2007). Have two types; Act utilitarianism and Rule utilitarianism.Rights theory whereby all rights are defined by a society and should be protected and given highpriority.
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