Innovative Business Strategies


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Biz Ops was established in 1998 in the Sydney, Australia with the key range of providing thehigh quality and innovative products and services to the customers. The business owners are theSimon Greig, Natushka Grieg, and Devon Meyersdale. They are the pioneers in this field andhave a combined 50 years of experience which have taken the business to the level of 150 retailstores, online and engaging in the phone order nationally (Cadden, 2014).They have employed and engaged a marketing strategy which has incorporated in the magazines,having an online catalog, e-commerce function, direct marketing, loyalty reward and variousother strategies. They plan to expand the customer base by providing the high-quality productsand services. Speedy and determining the market requirements by delivering personalizedservices.The Biz Ops has a mission of providing the innovative products and services along with the highquality. The vision of the company is to grow globally and access towards the manufacturers andretailers of engaging into the exclusive products. It has a high values of providing an enhancedcustomer service as they are the important part of the business, staff which help us to provide thecorrect coverage to business needs, teamwork which helps us to work towards the agenda andfinally having an identified market identity by which brand would be able to gain the marketexclusivity and business growth upon which future depends.With the incorporation of the sustainable policies, they have an agenda of creating a clean,environmentally friendly products and services. High-quality innovative services and theproducts provided to the customers. They have clean and green products and services, keepingenvironmental concerns (Carlos, 2014). WHS and the work-life balance culture is the rewardingwork experience for the staff. They have more rewarding and engaging policies to keep the staff
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