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BKF5500 CORPORATE FINANCEASSIGNMENT PART 2FIRST SEMESTER 2016You should hand in a printed copy of the classwork and presentationin my pigeonhole in FEMA building ground floor (rooms are marked starting with 2). Thepigeon hole is near the men’s toilets. Anyone handing the assignment late will bepenalised according to the following schedule (- 5 marks for every day latestarting with Saturday 14th January 2017). If you are late send the work to( Assignment will account for 25% of the final grade and is based on material thatwill be covered in lectures up to the December recess(the total value of theassignment is 50% of final mark but my section is only 25%).Whenever questions require computations, one should not only provide the formulaused and show the steps used to get the final result but also provide a statement thatdescribes what is being done and justifying the use of any formulasThis is anindividual assignmentthus any evidence of plagiarism will be penalised.You will have to load up your assignment on the VLE and check it with the plagiarismsoftware (more details on this later on). Any form of plagiarism and/or copying will besanctioned with an F grade.The document also has to be type-written given that you will have to upload it on theVLE to check for plagiarism.AnswerALLthe followingTWOquestions:Question 1:The directors of XYZ Ltd are considering opening a new manufacturingfacility. The chief financial officer has provided the Board with the followinginformation:Initial capital investment: $ 3,000,000 Dividendsfor the last five years have been:Year20052006200720082009Net Dividend per share (cents)10.010.811.413.213.7The following is an extract from the balance sheet of XYZ Ltd as at end 2009.Creditors due in more than one year7% Debenture$ 730,000Long–term loan (variable rate)$ 850,000
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