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Star Topology Assignment

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2Blog WritingStar Topology27th July 2019What is Star Topology?Star topology is also known as Star Network and it is most commonly used network setups.In Star topology, each node gets connected with a central network device which is known asa switch or a hub or computer. The central network device plays the role of a server. Theclients are the peripheral devices attached to the central hub. The type of network card usedin Star topology determines whether an RJ-45 network cable or coaxial cable would be usedfor connecting computers altogether in a common network. Star topology or Star network isnetwork topology in which an individual piece of an entire network is connected to a centralhub or node or switch. The network plays a role which is quite an essential component whichis usually represented in a star-like formation which makes the network to be termed as Starnetwork or star topology. Star topology is either a passive or active network depending on theregeneration of data amplification of the central node. It also depends on the active control ofthe network on data transit. The network needs electrical power sources. Star topologies canbe implemented with wireless routers, Ethernet cable structures or any other components. Inthe majority of the cases, the central hub or node is termed as the server and additional nodesare called the clients. It is a topology for LAN or Local area network which helps theconnection between central connection point or a switch or a hub and individual node in anetwork. A star-like formation results in which helps in assisting in case of cable failure. In astar topology, more cables are needed than that of bus topology. Star topology has a specialized advantage because in the case of a star topology if any tablefails only an individual node would be brought down keeping the entire network unaffected.The traffic from the central component or the hub of the star or the nodes attached to thecentral component can control the central site. The central hub is a self-contained computerwhich is fast and responsible for routing traffic to the other nodes. One of the most importantbenefits of a Star network or a star topology is that any kind of malfunctioning taking place inone of the nodes does not impact the other parts of the network. But there can be certainfailure tissues and bottlenecks at the central site. Bus topology is attached or combined with astar topology. In this case, the central sites get connected with the backbone of the bus andthe total combination is referred to as a tree. Star topology helps in managing the network
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3Blog Writingcentrally with the support of central computer switch or hub. It is very easy to add anycomputer to the main network. If any computer working on the network fails to work, theother parts of the network do not get negatively affected and continue to operate normally.But it has been observed that a star topology is highly expensive and it requires usedinvestments in its implementation. On the other hand, it is expensive than using a router or aswitch as the central network site. The central network device in the case of a star topologydetermines the entire performances of the nodes. It also determines the number of the nodesthe network can manage. In the case of a Star network or star topology, if the central computer or the switch or hubfails, the entire network can stop working and all the computers can get disconnected fromthe main network. Star topology or Star Network can put a limit on the implications of asingle failure. In Star topology, a single unit can get isolated from the central hub. So, if anycomponent goes down the entire network will not get affected and only the local reach of thatparticular unit will get affected. Star topology also provides the facilities of adding oreliminating individual component either to the network or from the network for a commonreason. Star topology or a Star Network is the fundamental implementation of the spoke-hubdistribution paradigm taking place in computer networks. In this case, each host is attached toa central site or hub a star network or topology. Star topology is a simple form where thecentral hub plays the role of a central unit which conduits the transmission of messages. It isone of the commonly found computer network topologies. In a star topology which is used ina computer network. The host and the hub along with the transmission lines between themdevelop a graph with a topology very much similar to a star. The data on a star topologypasses through the central hub before they continue to their destinations.The tar topology controls and manages every function of the network. It acts as a repeater forthe flow of the data. The star topology decreases the implications of a failure in thetransmission line by enabling the independent connection between the hub and its hosts. Eachhost is capable of communicating with the others by transmitting to the hub or receiving fromthe hub. A failure in the transmission line which links the hub with the host can result inisolation of the host from the other parts of the network. But the remaining network remainsunaffected. The star configuration is very often used with optical fiber cable or twisted paircable. Coaxial cable can also be used in the case of a star topology. One of the most effectivebenefits is that the connection does not get broken down if any single node fails. This helpsthe connection between the other computers to remain unaffected. The network does not need
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