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Blog Writing on The Absorption Spectrum

Added on -2019-09-23

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Running Head: Blog WritingBlog Writing- AbsorptionSpectrum
2Blog WritingAbsorption SpectrumJuly 16th, 2019What is Absorption Spectrum?The absorption spectrum of a material can be defined as the fraction of the incident radiationwhich is absorbed by that material over a wide range of frequencies. The molecular andatomic composition of a material is used to determine the absorption spectrum. Fundamentalradiation is generally observed at those frequencies which get mixed with the energydifference that takes place between two mechanical states of the molecules. The absorptiontakes place because of the transition between these two states and it is known as theabsorption line. The spectrum is composed of several absorption lines. The frequencies wheresuch absorption lines develop along with their relative intensities generally depend on themolecular structure and electronic structure of the sample. The frequencies also depend onmolecular interactions. In the sample, the crystal structure is found in solids and on differentenvironmental factors like pressure, temperature, electromagnetic fields, etc. The absorptionlines also possess a definite shape and width which are fundamentally determined by thedensity of states for spectral density of the system. Absorption lines are generally classifiedby the feature of quantum mechanical change taking place in an atom or molecule. Rotationalstates sometimes get changed and give result in the development of rotational lines which arefound in the region of the microwave spectrum. On the other hand, vibrational lines incorrespondence to vibrational state changes in the molecule are found in the area of infraredregion. The electronic lines are composed of several changes taking place in the electronicstate of a molecule or atom which are found in the ultraviolet and visible region.It can be noticed that there are various dark lines in the sun’s spectrum. These lines aredeveloped by the atmosphere of the Sun which absorbs light at different wavelengthsresulting in different light intensity at the wavelength to appear dark. The molecules andatoms present in a gas absorb certain light wavelengths. The pattern of the lines is veryunique with respect to each element which provides us information about the elements which
3Blog Writinghelp in making the sun's atmosphere. The absorption spectra can be observed from spatialregions in the presence of a cooler gas line between in a hotter source and the earth. Theabsorption spectra can also be observed from the planets with atmospheres, stars, andgalaxies. In analyzing the light of the Sun, a spectrometer is used. The spectrometer is adevice which separates light by color and energy. In separating light by color and energy, theimage of the spectrum of the sun gets created. This is quite similar to the absorptionspectrum. The dark lines are the areas where the light gets absorbed by different elementspresent in the Sun's outer layers. The lowest energy is represented by red light and the highestenergy is represented by blue light. The black gaps or lines in the spectrum of the sun are termed as absorption lines. The gaspresent in the sun's outer layers develops the absorption lines by absorbing the light. Thereare different elements such as Helium, hydrogen, carbon, and other smaller quantities ofheavy elements in the sun. When the sunlight shines, the elements the energy gets absorbedby the atoms. The atoms can only absorb the light relevant to the energy the atoms need. Thegaps in the spectrum of the Sun get developed and help in informing the formation of the sun.The emission spectrum is quite different from the absorption spectrum. In developing anabsorption spectrum, the light needs to shine through a gas but in creating and emissionspectrum a gas needs to be heated up. The atoms present in the gas get absorbed the energyonly for a short tenure. The atoms get energetic and jiggled up by heating the gas because ofthe concentration of a high level of energy. The energy is emitted or re-released as lighteventually. Absorption spectrum takes place when the light passes through a dilute and coldgas and characteristic frequencies get absorbed by the atoms present in the gas. The re-emitted light cannot be emitted in a similar direction which is followed by absorbed Photonbecause of which dark lines in the spectrum are created in the absence of light. Absorptionspectrum is the dark lines. The absorption spectrum is defined as an ElectromagneticSpectrum in which the radiation intensity at some specific wavelengths gets decreased. Anabsorbing substance gets manifested as bands or dark lines. Medically, the absorptionspectrum is also defined as an Electromagnetic Spectrum in which radiation intensity atspecific ranges of wavelength is manifested as dark lines.X-ray absorptions are highly associated with the excitation taking place in the inner shellelectrons in an atom. These changes generally get combined to develop a new absorption linewhich is typically found in the combined energy develop mainly during the changes. Thechanges are mainly radiation-vibrations transitions. The energy which is typically found in

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