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Running head: Blog writingDATA WAREHOUSE DESIGNAugust 7th,2019INTRODUCTION TO THE DATA WAREHOUSE DESIGNThe data warehouse is also called by the name of the enterprise data warehouse. In thisregard, it can be depicted that data warehouse design is being regarded as the process of buildingsolution with an aim to integrate different data from the multiple sources in order to give supportto the data analysis and analytical reporting. Here, if the data warehouse is not being designed inan effective manner then in this situation the significant impact of the same can be seen in thegrowth and profitability related condition of the company in an effectual way.Further, it can also be said that data warehousing enable enterprise with regard to collectdata from that specific sources that tend to provide meaningful insight in relation to the problemof the company. In simple words, it is very right to say that the data warehouse helps intransforming data into useful information. It is by complying with the given type of activity onlya firm is able to take an effective decision on the basis of information that is available to them.Thus, it is very correct to say thatdata warehouse designis being regarded as one of themost important concepts for understanding. In accordance with the given context, here at firstdescription will be given about the types ofdata warehouse design.The given thing will enablethe user to get the idea about the different types ofdata warehouse design.Afterward, adescription will be given about the steps that are being used indata warehouse design.Finally,the explanation will also be given about the main components of the data warehouse.1
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