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Running head: Blog writingGENETIC DRIFTJuly 16, 2019INTRODUCTION TO GENETIC DRIFTThe termgenetic driftis also called by the name of Sewall Wright effect or Alleliceffect. In this regard, it can be said thatgenetic driftis being regarded as the process in whichdeviation in the expected allele frequencies tends to develop in the finite population over theperiod of time. In simple words, it can also be said thatgenetic driftis the type of variation thatoccurs in the existing gene variant in the population because of the presence of random samplingorganism. This can be further explained with the different types of examples. For instance, amother who is having blue eyes and a father who is having brown eyes can have a child witheither of blue or the brown eyes. In this situation, if brown eyes are the dominant allele, even inthe condition that there is a 50% chance that a child could have blue eyes then in this situationalso there might chances that a child could have brown eyes. It is called as thegenetic drift.Herein, it can also be said that the population’s allele frequency is basically the fractionof the copies of the one gene that allocates a particular form. Here, we will basically explore thecauses behind thegenetic drift.Further, we will also carry on discussion upon the two majoreffects that are related to thegenetic driftin an effectual manner.The details will also be givenabout the different that exist betweengenetic driftand mutation.FEATURES OF GENETIC DRIFTBefore getting into more details about thegenetic drift,it is important for the individualthat it should have a better understanding of the major features that are related to thegeneticdrift.The details about the same are depicted below:The loss in relation to the genetic variation results within the population itself.Additionally, it also has a feature that the divergence that is related to the genetics resultsbetween the populations in an effectual way.The allele frequency in thegenetic driftchanges until the H will become zero.Thus, it can be said that with the use of these given features it will become very easy torecognize the occurrence ofgenetic driftamong the population in an effectual manner.1
Running head: Blog writingWHY GENETIC DRIFT IS IMPORTANT?After getting an idea about the features that are associated with thegenetic drift,it isvery much important that an individual should be an idea about the importance of genetic drift inevolution. However, if no significant knowledge in relation to the same is being gained then inthis situation it will become very difficult for the people with respect to get the proper idea aboutthe particular term. The details about the same are given below:In the process of evolution, genetic variation is being considered as one of the mostimportant element. This is because; it enables the natural selection in relation to theincrease and decrease the frequency of alleles that is already present in the population.Additionally, it also gives an opportunity to individuals with regard to adapt themselvesas per the environment. However, along with the given task, it also assures the survivalof the population. Thus, from the given thing it is very much important thatgenetic driftshould occur in a population. But, in case if it does not occur then in this situation it willbe regarded as one of the biggest matter of concern for the survival of the population.WHETHER GENETIC DRIFT OFFERS SURVIVAL ADVANTAGE?On reviewing different studies, it has been examined thatgenetic driftis basicallyrandom alteration that tends to occur in the gene of population. However, this alteration mightresult due to the evolution of the new population that is genetically different from the oldpopulation. It is due to the presence of a given aspect onlygenetic driftoffers survivaladvantage because it allows the population to cope with the new environment.Consequently, some studies state thatgenetic driftdoes not offer a survival advantage.This is because it suddenly causes changes in the gene of a small population. This is due to someaccidents.CAUSES BEHIND THE GENETIC DRIFTTill now, we have gathered very much knowledge about thegenetic driftin a generalway.But, now it is very important to know whygenetic driftoccurs. Thus, in the respectivesection detail explanation will be given about the causes that lead to the situation likegeneticdriftin an efficient way.2
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