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Running head: Blog WritingMEMORY MANAGEMENTJuly 23rd,2019INTRODUCTION TO MEMORY MANAGEMENTMemory managementis being regarded as the type of resource management whichapplies to computer memory. In accordance with the given context, it can be depicted thatMemory managementis the systematic process in which computer memories are controlled aswell as coordinated. Here, different portions are called blocks that are being used for the purposeto run the various programs in order to optimize the overall performance of the system in aneffectual way. In the operating system,Memory managementplays a vita role. This is because;it assures that the memory of the computer should not be filled with the data. Thus, here we willcarry out major discussion on the given aspect only and learn more about the major concepts thatare being related toMemory managementin an efficient way.KEY AREAS OF MEMORY MANAGEMENTMemory managementis being recognized as one of the most complex fields of computerscience. Hence, there is a number of techniques have been developed with an aim to make therespective function more efficient in nature. There are three major areas in which the wholeMemory managementis divided. The details about the same are depicted below:Hardware memory managementThe very first area related toMemory managementis hardware memory management.Herein, it can be depicted that hardware memory management is concerned with the hardwaredevices. In other words, it can also be said that it is basically related to the electronic devices thatstore the data of the computer. This includes devices like RAM (Random Access Memory) andcaches memory.Operating system memory managementIt is being regarded as another form ofMemory management.In this regard, in theoperating system, the memory of the computer should be allocated to the user program.However, it is being reused by another program when it will be seen that the memory is nolonger will be required. Herein, the computer can also pretend that it has more memory to storethan the actual capacity. On the other hand, each program that is involved in it has the machine1
Running head: Blog Writingmemory. Thus, these are being regarded as the main feature of the virtual memory that is alsoone of the most important concepts in the computer program.Application memory managementAnother key area ofMemory managementis application memory management. Itbasically involves the process of supplying the memory that is being needed for the datastructure and program objects. Here, the memory is recycled when it is of no use or when it is nolonger required. The application memory does not possess the capability to predict how muchmemory it will require. It basically possesses two types of tasks such as allocations andrecycling.Allocation: This happens when the program requests the block of the memory, thus in therespective situation the memory manager has to allocate the blocks out of the largerblocks that have been received by it from the operating system. The respective functionwhich is being performed by the individual is called by the name of allocators.Recycling: It is another task of application memory. In this, the blocks are recycled forthe reuse purpose when the memory blocks are allocated and the data which they possessis no longer required. This includes two basic approaches of the recycling memory andthese are manual memory management and automatic memory management.PROBLEMS RELATED TO MEMORY MANAGEMENTHowever, before getting details about the manual and automatic memory management, itis very much important for the individual that they should get the idea about the main problemsthat are related to the concepts such asMemory managementin an effectual way. By getting anidea about the same, some more main details about theMemory managementcan be gathered.The detail explanations of the same are given below:Premature fees and the dangling pointers: There are many programs that tend to give upthe memory, however, they still make an attempt to access it later and behave randomly.The given type of situation is called by the name of premature fees. But, the survivingreference to the memory is called as the dangling pointers in an effectual way.Memory leak: It is another issue that is related to memory management. In accordancewith the given context, there are some programs that continually allocate the memory2
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