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Running head: Blog Writing
Running head: Blog WritingCOMPUTER HACKERSJuly, 29th 2019INTRODUCTION TO THE COMPUTER HACKERSThe developments in the information and communication technology have provided easeof performing business to the organization. However, developments in the given sector have ledto developing different other types of issues. Hence, one of the common issue that is associatedwith cybercrime is hacking. In accordance with the given context, it can be said that hacking isbeing regarded as the activity of using computers with an aim to perform different types ofcrimes. The individual who used to perform such crimes is called by the name of hackers.Thus, it can be said that hackers are the individual who has the ability to find fault or theissue in the computer system or the network. Thus, it is through this way only they tend to get anentry in the system of other people and use their data for their own benefit. In this study, detailanalysis will be carried out on computer hackers. TYPES OF HACKERSAt first, discussion will be carried out on the types of hackers. Herein, it can be depictedthat there are basically three main types of hackers and the details about them are given below:Black hat hackerThe very first type of hacker is being called by the name of a black hat hacker. It is beingregarded as the type of hackers who tends to hack the computers for malicious intent. Such typesof individual are being considered as the bad guy. Herein, it can be said that the respective typeof individual uses his hacking skill with an aim to steal the data or the money. On the other hand,such type of hackers loves their work very much and they like to come in the news because oftheir bad habit. For example, black hat hackers sometimes change the font color of thecompany’s website. In addition to this, they also try to break the computer system and will try toget the credit card information of the individual in an effectual manner. Hence, respectivehackers are being considered as very much dangerous for the company. They also carried outtheir efforts outside the company’s laws and regulations. White hat hackers1

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