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Blog Writing- Reactive Depression

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Added on  2019-09-23

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Blog Writing- Reactive Depression
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Reactive Depression5th August 2019What Is Depression?Depression is one of the most common diseases worldwide and it is one of the leading causes ofdisability. It has been observed that, people more than 12 years of age can be the sufferer ofdepression. From a research finding as forwarded by the Centers for Disease Control andPrevention CDC, it has been found that more than 7.5 % of people who are above 12 years ofage suffer from depression for almost two weeks. The scale of the issue is getting increased withtime. The World Health Organization has defined depression as one of the most commondiseases observed in people worldwide and it is one of the major reasons behind the disability.As per the World Health Organization, more than 350 million people worldwide have beenaffected by this disease. From several shreds of evidence, it has been observed that depression iscommonly observed in women as compared to men. The symptoms of depression include lack ofinterest in things, joy, social interactions, and happiness. People suffering from depression cansuffer from mood swings and feel uncomfortable in social interactions. Investigations andresearch have been conducted so far, but exact causes of depression not what are identified.There can be a complex combination of biological, genetic, psychological, and environmentalfactors resulting in depression. Depression is basically a mood disorder which is characterized bypersistent mood swings and low mood and feeling of lack of happiness and interest. Depression can last for more than 6 months to a maximum of eight months. Consultation with amedical practitioner or a doctor or a psychologist or a mental health specialist can help indiagnosing depression. The treatment of depression also needs attention on a priority basis sothat the sufferers do not have to suffer for a longer period. If the exact causes of depression getidentified then it becomes easier for the health specialists to treat depression and help the patientsto come back to normalcy and social life quite easily. In many cases, depression is not detectedinitially and the patients suffering from depression tend to become isolated and suffer because of
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insufficient medical intervention. The role of family members, friends, colleagues, andcommunity in treating depression and the persons suffering from depression is quite significant.Accurate differential diagnosis needs to be ensured so that the person suffering from depressioncan be provided with effective and secure treatment. In treating depression, the doctors generallyask about the case history or for the past of the patients to identify the symptoms and course andtreatment. Some doctors take the help of questionnaires in assessing the severity of depression. The Hamilton depression rating scale is often used by the doctors in assessing depressionseverity. In this rating scale, 21 questions are there with resulting scores which describe theseverity of depression condition. The Hamilton scale is considered to be one of the mostsuccessful and widely implemented assessment instruments by the clinicians in rating depressionseverity. This scale also helps the doctors in identifying the accurate reasons behind depressionand to recommend suitable treatment procedures. Sometimes people confused betweenfluctuations in mood and depression. But in normal life, and an individual can suffer fromfluctuations in the mood for frequent mood changes. But it does not imply that the person issuffering from depression. There can be emotional responses on a temporary basis which couldbe the biggest challenges to regular life but these changes do not contribute to depression.Sometimes a person suffering from grief because of death of any close one suspected to besuffering from depression. But it is not depression rather it is a temporary emotional response tothe deaths of any close person. Bereavement can be related to depression. When a loss isfollowed by depression, the psychologies term it as complicated bereavement.Reactive DepressionCommon symptoms of reactive depression include stress, fatigue, depressed mood, anxiousmood, and pain. There can be several treatments of reactive depression depending on thesimilarity of the condition. Reactive depression is also termed as a situation of depression whichis a short-term type of depression where stress is the main factor. Reactive or situation ofdepression can take place after an individual suffered any traumatic event or series of dramaticevents. It is a type of adjustment disorder. It can make an individual face after difficulties inadjusting to a regular lifestyle following a major traumatic event. The events which are the mainreasons behind situational or reactive depression includes work issues, illness, death of any loved
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