Assignment on Equation Frequency

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Topic: Frequency EquationFrequency is calculated using the number of times an incidence took place in per unit of time.There can be angular frequency, temporal frequency, and spatial frequency. The period isused as the reciprocal of frequency and it represents per cycle. It is one of the importantmetrics used in engineering and science to calculate the rate of vibrations, oscillations, radiosignals, audio signals, etc.Some of the important areas if the use of the frequency equation are explained below:Vibrations- It is a type of mechanical phenomenon in which the oscillations take place in anequilibrium point. These oscillations can be random or periodic depending upon the situation.Further, the vibrations can also be classified as desirable or undesirable. Thus the frequencyequations can be used, for designing which can reduce the undesirable vibrations. Some ofthe examples of desirable vibrations include playing of a loudspeaker, sound from a mobilephone, operation of woodwind instrument. Some of the examples of undesirable vibrationsinclude vibrations in electric motors or engines, or from a various mechanical device. Thesevibrations are generally caused through the various imbalance in rotational parts of theinstrument. Some of these are even caused by gear teeth or friction in the parts. There areseveral studies in engineering and science which identify the relationship between vibrationsand sound.Oscillations- It is a type of phenomenon, which is caused through repetitive vibrations whichhave occurred in time or between different states. These mechanical oscillations are identifiedand calculated through vibrations and frequency equation. Some of the real-world examplesof oscillations include alternating current, a pendulum swinging. This occurrence of theoscillations can also take place in dynamic systems, and some of the important areas ofmedical science. Like the human heart, beating is calculated through the oscillations infrequency equations. It also has some use in economics, to calculate the business cycles ofboom and recession. It is used in geology, to calculate the vibrations in geothermal geysers. Itis also used to calculate the nerve cell periodic firings. In the area of astronomy, it is used toknow the Cepheid stars.Units used in the frequency equationThe unit of frequency which is most commonly used is Hertz. This unit has been called afterthe physicist, Heinrich Hertz. The denomination one hertz, indicate the event is repeated once
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