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BM060 Strategic Planning for Information Systems

Added on -2019-09-20

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BM060-3-SPISIndividual AssignmentPage 1 of 3Learning Outcomes1.Demonstrate the ability to apply suitable management techniques to an information system (IS)application and an information technology (IT) infrastructure.2.Demonstrate the ability to evaluate and plan IS/IT development to produce identifiable businessbenefits.3.Demonstrate the ability to develop basic IS/IT strategies that are linked to business strategies.4.Demonstrate the ability to formulate a strategi information plan and to decide on policies ot be carriedout.Assignment requirements:You are to produce a report for the management of Kogod School of Business ( case study attached)aimed at a mixed readership, in terms of level of technical and managerial knowledge,The assignment should be presented bound as a single report but with six clearly identifiablesections (a - f) as outlined below ;The length of the report would be approximately 20 pages in total including reasonably sizeddiagrams where appropriate (but excluding appendices and references.Report requirements:The report should contain the following sections:(a) IntroductionAn overall appraisal of the type of business, their vision, mission and goals. (10 marks)(b) The applications portfolioAn overall assessment of the importance of IT to Kogod School of Business indicating the dependencythat the company has upon IT and the impact of IT upon its business processes currently and in the nearfuture. Include a textual report describing the purpose of the technique(s) you may have used, interpretingany diagram(s) used and stating your conclusions.(20 marks)(c) Business benefits & opportunitiesAn identification and categorisation of the business benefits that you feel can be expected by Kogod ofBusiness after the installation of the systems mentioned in the case study. Include a textual reportdescribing the purpose of the technique(s) you have used, interpreting any diagram(s) used and statingyour conclusions.(20 marks)Level 3Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation2015

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