BM6601 Marketing Communications Group Assignment Structure

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BM6601 Marketing Communications Group Assignment Structure GuidelinesFor your communications plan:This is a practical plan which should include recommendations based on sound rationaleIt is likely that you will draw upon the trade press, market reports and company data more than on academic journals, however all sources must be fully referencedPrimary research is not mandatory, though should not be excluded if you feel it is necessaryThe word count for the plan is approximately 3,000 words, excluding appendices. One copy in Turnitin drop box by 9am Thursday 18th December, which will be markedon line. Detailed comments will be available with the on line marking and additional face to face feedback will be given during first session.Marking GuidelinesYour communications plan should demonstrate that you can:Source and synthesise appropriate secondary research Set appropriate communications objectivesDevelop a strategic communications direction, i.e. identification of target audience, positioning, creative and media strategyAppraise the suitability of elements of the marketing communications mix for your specified objectives, plan media effectively for a specified target audience, and makeappropriate recommendations for actionEvaluate the success of the campaignStructure a plan professionally and coherently, including using appropriate references.LayoutTitle page : Please make sure your group name and ID nos only are contained.Executive summary – remember that this is a one page summary of the key points from the whole report, not an introductionContents pageIntroduction : terms of referenceContext Analysis : Brief summary ofthe key players in the category – which are the key brands and respective market sharetrends in the category – are they positive or negative? Growth or decline?

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