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BMI701 Group AssignmentAssignment 2Market AnalysisFor the country in which you have chosen to market your product, research and report on the followinginformation that is necessary to build your Marketing Plan:Political:Government type and Stability, International Trade agreements and membership in anytrading blocks, any laws and specific tariffs that govern your particular product, Consumer protectionlaws or registration requirements.Economic: Growth and inflation rates, unemployment rates, monetary policies particularly governingallocation of foreign exchange, State of banking system, credit availability, customers disposable incomeSocial: Religion and Beliefs, attitudes toward service and brand, attitudes towards green products andrenewable energy, attitudes toward saving, investing, leisure and imported goods, languages andlabelling requirements.Technology: Rate of technological change, access to technology, communication infrastructure andmost popular media, impact of technology on purchasingUse these factors to describe how the following are affected:Market AccessCustomer demand and desire for productCustomer ability to purchaseCustomer usage habitsMedia habits of target segmentThe match between the unique Selling Proposition of the product and the needs orrequirements of the marketFor presentation of this deliverable, please ensure you include:1)A cover page showing the group number, team members and the product / firm chosen.MLA standard is preferable.2)In text citations according to MLA style of referencing.3)A reference page. Ensure that all research must be properly referenced using the MLAstyle of referencing. Any plagiarism will result in a mark of zero (0) for the team. You canview Seneca’s policy at:
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