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Running head: BOOK REVIEWBook ReviewName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note:
1BOOK REVIEWA.Content of the Material1.Full details of the author and publication- The selected book is “Imperfect Journey aroundthe World”, by Daniel Baylis. It is a non-fictional travel narrative on the personal experiences ofDaniel Baylis. It was published by Sparks Publication, (ISBN 978-0-9920882-0-0) and written in afirst person point-of-view (Daniel Baylis, 2018). The cover page of the book is equally grippingwith different pictures of Daniel, in a kaleidoscopic manner. The book comes in both hardcopy andsoftcopy consisting of 420 pages.2.About the Author-Daniel Baylis was born in British Columbia in Canada, he has a degree inHuman Relations from Concord University. Writer and an adventurer, he has written articles forThe Guardian, Fast Company and Huffington Post. His preferences covers a wide array ofinteresting things like old-school country music and Malbec wine, indulges in portrait photographyand obviously, is an avid traveler by choice.B. Summary of the Material1.Brief Outline of the book-Thecontentof the novel, is a chronicle of people, scenic beautyof countryside and occurrences of events in Daniel’s life that makes the novel a completewhole. The novel opens with a Prologue where we get a glimpse of the growing up years ofnarrator.2.Summary of the Book-The novel opens with aProloguewhere we get a glimpse of thegrowing up years of narrator and writer Daniel Baylis, where the first line of the chaptersquestions in a rather simple and straightforward manner, “what compels a person...journeyaround the world?” The first few pages give the reader the background information about thenarrator, choices and inclination, his family background in a rather witty and matter-of-facttone. Later on, we progress at an expeditious speed from nostalgic architecture and cafes of
2BOOK REVIEWBuenos Aries pulsating with life that Daniel was also a part of. His journey then continues toancient Morocco, beautiful France. The geography is dominated by the majestic Alps and thefour seas, the Mediterranean, North Sea, British Channel and Atlantic Ocean. The authorDaniel is the spokesperson of the place France and we get the tinge of pleasure that he finallyfeels at France after months of leaving life as a vagabond. In the last pages the turbulences,weariness all make the author stronger and ready to return back to the life he had once leftbehind.3.Author Purpose-Thepurposeof the author in writing the book is to give like JackKerouac’s On the Road, a very realistic way of stating the day to day events, snatching awayany glimmers of fantasy and leaving bare for the readers to sink in the contrasting beauty ofdull and phenomenal that his journeys have brought to him. Thegeographyis dominated bythe majestic Alps and the four seas, the Mediterranean, North Sea, British Channel andAtlantic Ocean.a.Critique of the Material1.Theoretical Perspective-Daniel was suffering from traveler’s fatigue towards the end ofhis journey that are frequently witnessed in travel narratives like Literature of Travel andExploration (McWilliams, E. (2014).Daniel was feeling extremely de-motivated to continueforth we sense a gloom in his voice as he crouches beside a sea and remarking the beauty oflight glimmering like “a star in the waves”. He started to fade into the oblivion during his stayin the foreign countries and longed for his lifestyle back in Canada. The last bit of the book,teases the readers with a different Daniel now like Ulysses craving for home, after months ofperil. In case of traveler’s fatigue, he is driven by a hope of desolation for all he has left behindand feels nothing for the adventures of his remaining journey (Angelo et al., 2017). His stay in
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