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Running head: BOOLEAN ALGEBRABoolean algebraName of the studentName of the UniversityStudent IdSubject code (ITC544)Assignment 1: Data representation and digital logicAuthor note
Page1of6BOOLEAN ALGEBRAAnswer 1:a)Single precision IEEE 754 format- 0 01111110 10100000000000000000000The first MSB is the sign, the middle portion is the exponent and the last portion is themantissa.Decimal conversion- 8.125 * 10^-1b)5-bit word- 0 1010Signed magnitude- +10 (Most significant bit-0 [positive] rest 4 bits are magnitude)One’s complement- 10101 (all the 0’s are replaced by 1 and vice-versa)Two’s complement- 10110 (1 is added to the one’s complement)Answer 2:a)This section will represent the hours of the clock in 5-bit binary form.MagnitudeBinaryClock pulse (p)1ABCDEHigh (+1)00001200010300011400100500101600110700111
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