Botnet Analysis and Detection System Literature Review

Added on - 28 May 2020

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Running head: LITERATURE REVIEW: BOTNETLITERATURE REVIEW: BOTNETName of the studentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
LITERATURE REVIEW: BOTNET1Botnet refers to an interconnected group of computers that have been trespassed byunauthorised users for personal malicious purposes. Some of the research work done on theBotnet has been reviewed in the following sections. Review of each article have beenconcluded with their most prominent strength and limitations.Tor’s abusive use by Botnet:Hopper (2014) has defined Tor network as “The Tor network provides a mechanismfor clients to anonymously provide services (e.g., websites) that can be accessed by otherusers through Tor” [5]. The paper discusses the threat that botnet proposes to the subject ofthe considered article. The author has suggested that the rate of consumption of relay’scollective computing resources by botnet nodes can be controlled by throttling the cost. Theauthor has recommended the use of CAPTCHAs for verifying human effort while accessingthe website and implementation of guard nodes (rate-limitations) for an individual client. Thepaper offers a deep insight into the protective methods for prevention of Tor network fromBotnet abuse though it lacks in providing a detailed and more reliable approach.Citadel Botnet evaluation:Rahimian et al. (2014) in the paper have attempted reverse engineering of the CitadelBotnet to gain an insight of its functionality and structure [6]. The authors have divided theirobjectives into three different categories. The first objective is to do a comparative analysis ofthe subject and Zeus malware followed by an evaluation of components (open source)adopted by the subject and finally accelerating the reverse engineering. They have adapted thedynamic and static analysis method of the malware codes along with a clone-based methodfor their objectives as their methodology. The authors have concluded their paper by statingthat adaptation of their method can help in underlining the most suitable scenario foranalysing the malware existing in real-world. The paper has done good work at evaluating the
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