The Bounce Fitness Company Report

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Running head:UNDERTAKE PROJECT WORK1Undertake project workName:Institution Affiliation:
UNDERTAKE PROJECT WORK2Assessment 1Case studyScope of the projectThis project is being undertaken to enter a new cooperate fitness market for the Bounce fitnesscompany. The organization has encounter a lot of competition from the other fitness companyand the number of their clients has reduced significantly(Bell, 2014). The company intends toimplement new strategy in order to have a competitive advantage over the other rivals. Seekingto pursue the corporate fitness market to enable extend their corporate client will be a goodstrategy.Stakeholders of the projectThe stakeholders of project are highlighted as follows based on the roles they will play in theproject in the table below.StakeholdersNameRolesProject managerJohn SmithTo be response for the overallsupervision of the project.supervisormartin ParkerResponsible for oversee the project.EmployeeGordwin PeterContributing towards the project.Responsibilities allocated to the project manager
UNDERTAKE PROJECT WORK3The project manager duties are as follows;• Recruit the best suited team.• Motivate and lead the team• Control the finances• Respond to the changeCommunication obligations. In case one need to be a good project manager, you ought to be welldeveloped communication skills.Reporting relationship to implement the projectIt takes a lot of the roles and responsibilities in delivering of this project. There are a lot of roleswhich needs to be filled such as the customer liaison, administrative and planning roles. Thesuccess of this project will depend on the ability to determine, assign as well as allocate on thevaried roles and responsibilities(Bell, 2014). Another way to establish the relationship duringthe implementation is to encourage the community in establishing the partnerships in all thephases of the project. Moreover, it will be important to encourage the participation to all.Organization current operations, business and strategic plansThe current operation of the organization has been offering the fitness services to the clientsfrom all end. The pricing of the services has been moderate to cater on all the needs of theclients. The strategic plan of the organization has been to offer quality services better than thecompetitors (Nicholas & Steyn, 2017). The organization currently has implemented programs forevery group of individuals from the young to the old people. They have enabled every group toget into the program and set their own schedule. This strategic plan will be aligned to the
UNDERTAKE PROJECT WORK4organization objective to venture and focus to the corporate clients which the organizationintends to do to get the new client.Project alignment with the organization mission, goals, objectives and operationsThis project is aligned in the vision and mission of the organization in different perspective. Theproject is aimed to expand the role of the premiere provider of the wellness integrated services.The project will be able to build the trust with the clients whereby it will be development of acomprehensive programs and services which are in line with the needs of the clients(Preece,2014). In regards to quality the project will provide high standards of quality to the corporateclients. This has been aligned with the mission of the organization in regards to the qualityperspective.Available resources required to undertake the projectThe company will get goodwill in the market to enable them raise income that will be used toacquire new infrastructures that will be used in this new program (Leach, 2014). The companyhas also experienced employees who will provide better services to the client. This will helpattract more customers.Development of the project planProject management toolsThe tools which is used in this project plan is Gantt chart which will be used to track the tasksacross the time(Bell, 2014). The other tool that will be used is the work breakdown structure. Itwill break the deliverables down into manageable work packages which could be scheduled,costed and have individuals assigned to them.
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