Brand Management of Apple Inc : Report

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Brand Management
INTRODUCTIONIn a marketplace, there are various marketing functions which utilise effectual tools andmethods in order to raising the value of products and services is stated as brand management.This can be stated as an essential activity for a business process so that all the intangible assetsalong with tangible ones can be characterised as a specific brand in marketplace. There arecertain factors which are mainly included like costs, commodity and many more things which aredetermining customer’s experience (Annie Jin, 2012). Company taken for this report is Applewhich is a multinational brand that deals in manufacturing of electronic items and other ITrelated elements. There are various kinds of tools and techniques which are being determinedand used to manage and measure the value of brand. Moreover, evaluation of brand will be donewhich is being managed collaboratively in partnership at national and international level. Apartfrom this, it is highly essential for building and maintaining trust among customer’s mind forservices and products. TASK 1P1. Significance of branding as a marketing tool and the way has emerged in business practiceBrand: This can be stated as process of the sign, words, symbol and unique design of theproducts and services of the company. This is highly essential and beneficial factor of thecompany as it mainly describes the business position within the marketplace along with the mindset of people as well. Branding: This can be stated as an effective process of developing the name of products andalong with its image for the business products within the eye of customers This mainly apply themental structure along with the support of the customers for improving the skills and knowledgeregrading the products of company. It is highly essential for a business to make a strong brand image especially of certain productsand services in front of customers and that can be done by branding. Creating effective imageand appealing names as well as design of products and services is essential for everyorganisation like Apple. This company can apply and utilise various kinds of tools andtechniques which provide assistance in better image of products by effectual logo, packaging andother unique techniques. The main motive behind branding is to distinguish products quality andservices which are helpful in developing loyalty among customers and thus, in creating a longlasting relationship (Bigné, Currás-Pérez and Aldás-Manzano, 2012). Good brand image has1

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