Brian Chesky: Management, Attribution and Skills


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Brian Chesky
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Brian Chesky is an American entrepreneur and he was the co-founder
of hospitality exchange service company Airbnb.
Brian Chesky is the CEO of Airbnb and he was named as ‘100 most
influential people’ in the year 2015 by the Time’s Magazine.
Brian Chesky was born in 1981 in New York. Brian Chesky
graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design where he
received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Industrial Design
(Press.atairbnb.com 2018).
Net worth of Brian Chesky was US$ 3.8 billion in 2017 (Gallagher
2017). Brian Chesky sets the strategy of the company to connect
people to provide unique travel experience.
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After his college days; Brian Chesky started working as industrial designer and strategist in Los
Angeles. After sometimes; Chesky shared his apartment with Gebbia in San Francisco.
Both of them needed money and they gave their room for rent. They named their first website
‘Air Bed and Breakfast’ and at first; Chesky did not believe that this business has flash of
genius (Lewis 2015).
Brian Chesky has the skill to channelize his vision to do something good. Brian Chesky grew up
to be an artist and this is similar of an entrepreneur what has the vision to be free to create
something new.
Artist has the resources to create something new and the entrepreneur also shares the vision to
bring it to the world.
This is not possible for millions of users; however, this policy helps to make loyalty among users
and customers. Brian Chesky has the ability to tell the story well to the people, to the
customers, investors, media and the employees.
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Brian focused on the entrepreneurship on first three years very
hard and he did not know the coding well.
Brian asked Nathan Blecharczyk to join Airbnb as Nathan was
Harvard Graduate and famous technical architect. Therefore;
Brian Chesky showed the ability to manage money as they sold
cereals to have funding (Cohen and Sundarajan 2015).
Brain Chesky did not brainstorm start-up ideas and he just solved
the problem. Moreover, Brian always had the idea to build the
platform is tough; therefore; he made the platform for both
sellers and buyers via Airbnb.
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