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Marketing Strategy, International Marketing Problems and Challenges, Ethical Issues and Solutions for British Airways

Added on -2019-09-22

This article discusses the marketing strategy, international marketing problems and challenges, ethical issues and solutions for British Airways. It covers how British Airways is focusing on providing outstanding services to their customers and how they are tackling the high cost of fuel. It also discusses how ethical theories can help resolve the ethical issues faced by the organization.
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INTRODUCTION:-British airways are considered as the flag moves airline of the United Kingdome. British airwayis considered as the largest airline in the UK, international flights, and international destinations.It was created in 1974. From its beginning, it has been centered at its main nucleus at LondonHeathrow Airport, and it's another major center is at London Gatwick Airport. British Airwayshave been faced many big problems during its working. It faced high competition and higher costin the mid-1990. In this assignment, we will study about the main issues faced by the Britishairline during its life. After analyzing the various issues, we will apply some theories andmodels to find the solutions to the problems and improve its position in the market. ANSWER 1:-MARKETING STRATEGY OF BRITISH AIRWAYS:-British airway is focusing more on providing outstanding services to their existing or newcustomers. The main aim of the British airline is meeting the rising expectations of theircustomers, which is the main focus of their strategy which helps the airline in transferring itselfinto the world's leading global premium. (Goodall, 2013) They make a various investment intheir staff and providing various facilities so that they can provide very improved services totheir customers. They want that their customers enjoy a premium service at every point of theirjourney, whenever they travel with British Airline. As per the scenario of current strategies BAis going to apply various customer's friendly strategies. These strategies prove very beneficial for1
the success of the organization and facilitate the customers by keeping them updated about flightthrough text messages on their mobiles, but this facility is providing only to the business classpassengers. This facility of mobile messaging's make convenient for the customers to reach asper timings of their flights and delays if the flight has got any delays. The main problem withusing this strategy is that other passengers did not get this facility, due to which they faced lots ofproblems in their life. Secondly, British airlines followed the strategy to modify the aircraft andmake them more comfortable and more beautiful. Just because of more comfortableness lots ofpeople attracting towards the airlines. British airline provides many services to their customersinside the flight so that they can enjoy their journey and wants to travel again on this airline.Thirdly, managing the cost of the tickets considered the most effective strategy of the Britishairline because Cost is considered the main factor for most of the peoples to choose the airlinebecause most of the people cannot afford it. Managing the prices of the tickets is considered themain beneficial factor for the customers as well as the British airline also. Most of the peoplesare here in the world which don't look at the good facilities, but they only want the cheap ticketsso that at low prices they can buy the tickets and can experience the airline journey. Fourthly,British airline tried to increase their responsibilities towards the corporate world and getting hugesuccess in the market by doing some unique things like by entering into the partnership withother big corporate businessmen or good performance of the environment. These are the otheralternatives for the British airline to market itself in the market. By entering into the partnership,British airline can expand its size and can perform much better in the market in comparison oftheir customers. Other than these following strategies are also used by the British airline tomarket itself in the market:-2
Global: - What they offer will appeal to the customers across the globe. Increase inBritish airline operation for business travelers and individual peoples will attract themmore.Premium: - The main motive of the British airline behind using the premium strategy isthat they want from their customers to enjoy a different and unique premium servicewhenever and wherever they come into contact with the British Airline. They offer worthpaying services to their customers for winning their confidence and build a long termrelation with their customers.Airline: - They will remain focused on aviation- moving cargo and people is their corebusiness. They will introduce new products and new services to complement all this.As per the currently discussed strategies British airline can do more business and they can offerwide services to their passengers who help in building its image in the mind of the customers.ANSWER 2:- INTERNATIONAL MARKETING PROBLEMS FACED BY BRITISH AIRLINES:-In the starting of August 2008, Airlines announced an alliance with British airlines and Iberia. Ifall these are combined together, (Thrasher, 2015) British airline would be the largest airline inthe US. However, in 2008 an issue related to the ownership is arises between the Qantas andBritish airline. The relation between them is believed to the worth of approximately £5 billion.Shareholders of British airways took a 55% stake in the company, whose headquarter is situated3

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