Managing Employee Relation

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Running Head: Managing Employee RelationsManaging Employee Relations
Managing Employee RelationsAnswer 1. Indication can be:a)Anger: The anger should be taken into consideration immediately so that the situation can be managed in effective way.b)Loss of trust: Conflict can arise due to loss in trust. Trust is very important in the workplace. If there are trust issues then it should be addressed immediately.c)Lack of communication: lack of Communication between the employees can also create conflicts in the organization.Answer 2. Conflict management: a.)Give focus on the problem, not on people: The focus should be given on the problem not on the people so that it can be managed in effective manner.b.)Be patient: Patience is very necessary to manage the conflict.c.)Stay neutral: Before try to resolve the issue be sure that the reason is examined in effective way of the conflict.Answer 3. Some types of cost are:a.)Training cost: The cost that is incurred to train the employees.b.)Advertising cost: The cost that is used to advertise the job openings.c.)Consultant fee: The cost that is incurred to the consultant.d.)Cash rewards given to the employees: The cost that is incurred on the employees as a reward.Answer 4. To overcome conflict:a.)Ignore negative language: Make use of the language that creates a positive environment in the workplace.b.)Distance yourself from the problem: To overcome the conflict it is important that start planning for vacation or reevaluate your position.c.)Don’t be afraid of the conflict: The conflict is a part of nature. So to overcome it the conflicts should be faced a resolved immediately (Tansel and Gazîoğlu, 2014).Answer 5. Future HR needs:
Managing Employee Relationsa.)By taking into considering the strategic planning: Planning considers the company growth in future.b.)The gap analysis should be conducted: The company current state and future strategic plan should be conducted.c.)The budget analysis and also take into consideration the new employees in the market. It would enhance the level of satisfaction of the employees.d.)To consider the current level and staffing: Information of employees and the payroll data can create goodwill of the company.Answer 6. Position description analysis a.) It takes into consideration the activities and responsibilities which is important if comparison is made with other jobs. It finds out the detail of a particular job duties.b.)The position description analysis indicates the work that should be taken into consideration by the position.c.)It is conducted to evaluate the requirements of the position and the way the work should be done (Fayol, 2016).Answer 7. Guidelines are:a.)The role should be clear.b.)The job position and the duties should be mentioned.c.)Minimum qualification should be mentioned.d.)The salary should be mentioned.Answer 8. Legislations that is necessary:a.)Federal trade commission act b.)Telemarketing and abuse prevention actc.)Do not call implementation actd.)Federal cigarette labeling and advertising act.e.)Wool products labeling act.Answer 9. Benefits are:

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