BSBADM502 Manage Meetings Assignment

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Running head: BSBADM502Student Assessment Tasks: BSBADM502 Manage MeetingsName of the Student:Name of the University:Author note:
1BSBADM502Assessment Task 1Answer 1a.Quorum: Minimum number of members of a chosen assembly that need to be present forconducting the business legally (Williams 2017).b.Procedural motion: Motion in the business that acts according to the procedures that needto be followed in a meeting (Kaufmann 2016).c.Proxy: A person having written authorization from another member who is absent in themeeting to cast a vote on his behalf (Fos and Tsoutsoura 2014).d.Conflict of interest: A situation, where an individual, group or organization are engagedin multiple interests that may create a conflict with the original interest of the organization(McCaghy et al. 2016).Answer 2Meeting structure for a formal meetingFormal meeting refers to the pre-planned get together of more than one individual to achieve acommon objective through verbal communication. The structure of formal meeting is:
2BSBADM502Figure1: Structure of formal meeting(Source:Lauring and Klitmøller 2015)Answer 3Meeting structure for an informal meetingA meeting which is not planned and less regulated and lack of formalities, such as, agenda,chairperson and minutes. The structure includes impromptu and ad hoc actions and the type canbe one-to-one, within a group or informational meeting.Figure2: Structure of informal meeting
3BSBADM502(Source:Lauring and Klitmøller 2015)Answer 4Three key arrangements that need to be made for a meeting:LocationParticipantsAgenda (Brigham and Kavanagh 2015)Answer 5Two responsibilities of a Chairperson prior to a meetingSetting the agendaSetting rules for regulating the meeting (Assessment 2016)Answer 6Three important aspects of a Chairperson’s job during a meetingEnsuring that the participants stick to the agenda of the meetingEnsuring that all the participants express their views and those are discussedDecisions are made and ensuring that the decisions are accepted by all the participants(Brigham and Kavanagh 2015)Answer 7The Chairperson is responsible for effective run of a meeting. That involves the participantssticking to the agenda of the meeting, and every one speaking about his own views. The
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