BSBCMM401 Make a Presentation Assignment

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Running head: BSBCMM401Student Assessment Tasks: BSBCMM401 Make a PresentationName of the Student:Name of the University:Author note:
1BSBCMM401Assessment task 1Answer 1Three ways to collect information on presentation feedback:Observing the body language of the audienceAsking the right questions to get honest answersConducting surveyThe presenter can use the information collected from the above-mentioned methods to makeimprovements in the way of presenting and keeping the content crisp and informative.Answer 2Two regulations in planning and delivering the presentationProtecting the Intellectual Property RightsRepetitions should be avoided strictlyFirstly, by protecting the Intellectual Property Rights, the presenter will not violate the rules forcopying any source of information. He will keep the content unique and original. Secondly, if thepresenter repeats information, the presentation will lack attractiveness and effectiveness. Hence,it should strictly avoided.Answer 3Two organizational regulations required in planning and delivering presentationOrganizational confidentiality should be maintained strictlyNegative promotion of the organization should be strictly avoided.
2BSBCMM401The presenter should maintain confidentiality about some information of the organization and heshould also refrain from presenting information of the company which may lead to negativepromotion of the company (Živković 2014).Answer 4Three principles of effective communicationEnsuring that the message gets across to the audienceKnowing the audience properlyRemembering the business context during communication (Leathers and Eaves 2015)For example, during presentation, the speaker must be very clear about the content and he mustensure that the audience is getting the message. He must also know about the audience so that hecan address them in the correct manner and in proper language. Lastly, during the presentation,the speaker should not deviate from the business context as that would reduce the effectivenessof the presentation.Answer 5Two reasons to use presentation aids:To make the presentation visually attractiveTo present vast data in a precise mannerAnswer 6Two types of presentation aid:1.Charts and tables
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