BSBINM601. Manage Knowledge and Information. Task. 1. I

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Task 1BSBINM601Manage Knowledge andInformation
IntroductionThe Coffee barThe coffee bar was established in 2015 serving the best coffee in Melbourne CBD. It serves avariety of hot and cold drinks, coffee, tea, ice cream, beverages, and snacks. It is one of thelargest coffee company in Australia. Along with varieties of drinks and coffee, the coffee baralso manufactures and sells coffee machine which is available on its online store.The mission and vision of the Coffee bar are to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, become afamous coffee company, and to extend its business in different states of Australia.SWOT AnalysisStrengthsUse of the coffee machine to brewcoffeeCustomer satisfactionWeaknessLess number of stores in MelbourneWeak marketing and advertisementLack of skilled staffOpportunitiesTo sell different types of coffee anddrinks.Encourage to brew coffee using thecoffee machineExpand its business throughout theThreatsGrowing competitors with sameproductsEstablishment of similar coffee shopnearbyBSBINM601
statesThe coffee bar has been earning profit and has become able to expand its business employingmore than 30 employees for the last five years. It has been providing quality services andattracting a large number of customers but lately, we can see some changes in the businessperformances. By observing the sales report and the number of customers of the company for thelast five years the following data was collected.201520162017201820192020010,00020,00030,00040,00050,00060,00070,000salescustomer numberOne of the issues of the coffee bar is the number of customers is decreasing and have receivedsome negative feedback, which causes a decline in the sales of the company.The major objectives of the coffee bar at a recent time is to:BSBINM601
earn customer's trust, increase the number of customers, and increase their satisfaction,which will automatically increase the sales of the company.GoalsStrategyOutcomeIncrease customer number andsatisfactionProviding training to theexisting staffs and hiring newtrained/skilled staffsIncrease staff performancesand customer serviceIncrease sales by providinghigh-quality coffeeThe coffee bar performed a survey to know the root cause of the problem, where customers wereasked the reasons for their un-satisfaction. While collecting the data, the customer complaintswere more on basically two aspects: they had to wait for a long time and the cost of coffee washigh. Some people were satisfied with the staff services. The following samples were collectedbetween 20 consecutive daysNo. of samplesTime takenSatisfaction(noproblem)Cost of coffee1311012227121132712104348754089635767455582311109231112103278117822127821139813146534154364BSBINM601
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