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BSBITU306 Design and Produce Business Documents

Added on - 24 Apr 2021

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BSBITU306 Design and produce business documentsAssessment cover sheetIn order for your assessment to be marked you must complete and upload all tasksandthis cover sheet via the AAMC Training Group portal.Your assessment tasks mustbe uploaded in an electronic format i.e. Word, Excel, PDF or Scan. A maximum of five (5)attachments (maximum 20MB each) can be uploaded for this assessment. Please see thestep-by-step instructions in your Member Area on how to upload assessments.Student detailsCourse nameAssessment nameBSBITU306 AssessmentSurnameGiven nameEmailPhoneDateWhen you upload your assessment you will be asked to confirm that your assessmentsubmissiontoAAMC Training is your own work andNOT the result of plagiarism or excessivecollaboration, and thatall material used from any third party has been identified andreferenced appropriately. AAMC Training may conduct independent evaluation checks andcontact your supervisor to discuss your assessment.Checklist of attachments:Task 1Short Answer QuestionsTask 2Case StudiesTask 3– Workplace project2 documents +Explanations of how you designed/produced.Please indicate style of course undertaken:Face to face – Trainer’s name:CorrespondenceOnlineOnce your assessment has been successfully uploaded it will be pending review with yournominated course assessor. Your assessor will mark your assessment and you will receive anemail advising you if you have been assessed as satisfactory. If you are marked as not yetsatisfactory you will be contacted and asked to provide additional information or re-visit theassessment and re-upload your amended case study or written tasks.Please contact our head office if you need assistance with your assessment:Office:+61 8 9344 4088Fax:+61 8 9344 V2.4© AAMC Training GroupA1
BSBITU306 Design and produce business documentsBSBITU306 AssessmentCREDIT TRANSFERYou may be able to claim credit transfer for a unit/s of competency that you have previouslycompleted with AAMC Training or another RTO. If you have been awarded a record of resultor statement of attainment for the units detailed below then please go to the Credit Transfertab in your Learning Centre and follow the prompts.This assessment relates to the following units of competency:BSBITU306Design and produce business documentsPlease refer to AAMC Training’s full Recognition Policy for further details.Task 1 – Short Answer Questions1.List three types of software applications that can be used to produce business documents.1232.Which factors will affect the decision of what software to use? List at least three.12343.Give a short description of a range of functions and features of computer applications thatcan be used to design business documents. List at least three, the first is an example.Function/FeatureDescriptionCopyAllows you to duplicate a section of text.1234.Most companies/organisations have a procedural document to ensure complete uniformityin formatting and preparing all documentation, signage, and any other form of identifierconsistent with the company’s brand. What is this procedural document called?5.What organisational requirements need to be considered when designing and formattingthe layout of a document? Give at least four examples.1The logos2The information about the organisation.3The text area.4The type size and colour.A2© AAMC Training GroupAssessment V2.4
BSBITU306 Design and produce business documents6.Four pieces of business equipment are available in an organisation:A computerA scannerA photocopierA printerDecide which piece or pieces of the above equipment to use in each situation in thefollowing table:SituationEquipment usedA hard-copy report to be reproduced 10 timesA photocopierA hard-copy photograph needs to be placed in an e-newsletterA scanner and computerA proposal needs to be written and 50 copies madeA computer and printerA hard-copy accounts statement needs to be updated andemailed to an accountant.A computer7.You have been asked to produce a marketing flyer for your organisation by a certain date.To successfully meet this requirement you need to get a brief to define the scope of thedocument.a)What details would you require in the brief to ensure you met the desired requirementsof the document?The following details are required in order to meet the requirements of the document:The objective of the organization and what it wants to achieve from the marketingcampaign. On the basis of the objectives the markting dodciment shall be prepared.The products and services of the organization that it produces and serves shall betaken into consideration while preparing the marketing document. The customers’preference and choices are also to be considered t ensure that the marketing flyerdocument is inin accordance with the requirements ofteh customers and theirprefereces for products and services.b)List the steps required to create a timeline for producing the document.Assuming that the time frame to complete the marketing flyer document is 180 days,i.e. six months to be precise let us prepare a tiem line for producing the marketing flyerdocument. The 180 says or six months startedfrom Janary 01, 2018.SequenceFromToDaysActivity101stJanuary,20186thof January,20187 daysinclusive bothAssessing theobjectives theorganization.25thJanuary,201814thof January,201810 daysinclusive ofboth datesThe productsand services ofthe rganizationthat it producesand serves forAssessment V2.4© AAMC Training GroupA3
BSBITU306 Design and produce business documentsthe customers.38thJanuary,201827thofFebruary, 201851 daysinclusive ofboth datesDeatiled studyabout themarket toassess thepreferences andchoices of theproducts andservices of thecustomers.428thofFebruary31stMay, 20184 monthsPreparion andpresentation ofa marketingstrategy.51stof June,20185thof June,20186 daysPresebntationof themarketingdocument tothe executivs oftheorganization.66thJune7thJune2 daysFeedback to bereceived fromthe executivesand appraisal ofthe feedback.78thJune14thJune7 daysRevising thedocument asrequired tomeet therequiremenetsof theexecutives.815thJune, 201830thJune, 201816 daysFinalization ofmarketingdocument withnecessarytesting.8.You are having issues inserting a picture using Microsoft Word. Go to the Microsoft Officewebsite at search the website for a solution.a)Find an article on the site that helps your solve your problem.In case there is any issue of inserting a picture using micrsoft word then thesubsequent visit to the website of microsft for office support will help us to deal withthe issue. In case of the problem the following of the under mentioned procedure willhelp us to insert the picture in a microsft office word document. Opening the word fileA4© AAMC Training GroupAssessment V2.4
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