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Assessment 1Unit code and title:BSBLDR403 Assessment Task 1 Team project planAssessment conditionsSatisfactory rate– If this is not achieved the student has the opportunity to resubmit the assessment afterreceiving feedback and re-training as confirmed by their trainer/assessorAssessment location: (please tick)In-class onlineAssessor InstructionsThe assessment is made when all of the short answer fields in the template are completed.These are to be completed according to the assessment guide and decision making rules. Finaldecision is to be made and recorded on Assessment result below and on the results templatevia the Course Coordinator.Required documents and equipmentAssessment GuideAssessment Task 1assessment task appendicesaccess to computer lab.InstructionsThis assessment task requires students to form a team, choose a project (from one of foursimulated business scenarios, attached here as appendices) and facilitate their team todemonstrate leadership in planning to achieve expected outcomes with regards to the chosenproject.Their team project plan must include clearly defined tasks and deadlines, team roles andresponsibilities, clear objectives and outcomes that are achievable during set timeframes.Planned deliverables should include measures of workplace innovation and productivity such asexamples of new ideas and improvements on a balanced scorecard.Review the assessment task in detail, including the appendices, which contain the variousdocuments students require to create the team work plan. Discuss with the students and teamstheir planning options and set the teams.Planning the assessmentRecommended date for assessment: After Session 4.It is suggested that you hand out the assessment task early in the training program(recommend: Session 1) as there are a number of tasks and activities to be completed aspart of this project.Time required for assessment: 8 hours (time required may vary as required by individualwork teams). This assessment will be run over a number of weeks to allow for workplaceinteractions to occur.The student must:participate in a work team and a team meetingsubmit:a project plan, with goals and objectives, deliverables and communicationsa portfolio of supporting information, including at least one projectmanagement tool, such as a schedule, action plan, Gantt or milestone chart,a record of addressing innovation and productivity measures, a gap analysisand/or skills matrix, and training planners for each team membera team work schedulecompleted meeting agenda and meeting minutes templates of their teamplanning meeting.Ref: Assessment Guide for the Assessment & Mayfield Education Assessment Guide: Planning & ConductingAssessment PolicyPage1of28
Student InstructionsRead each question carefully.In order to be deemed Satisfactory in this compulsory assessmenttask you must answer ALL the numbered questions below.Write/type answers in the fieldsprovided.Short answers should consist of no more than three sentences. This can be typed anddot points can be used. This must be undertaken by yourself and you are able to use your studynotes to assist you with completing the answers. If you do not receive a ‘Satisfactory’ result (NYS)you will be provided with an alternative supplementary assessment.Ref: Student Information Handbook (5) & Student Assessment Policy and ProcedureStudent DeclarationI, ......................................................(Student toprint name)state that the work I submit ismy own and I have not copied this in any form except where due reference has been made to this.If you are completing this form electronically, pleasetypeyour name as an acceptable form ofyour signature.Student Comments:Ref: Student Information Handbook (5.6)Student Signature:If you are completing this form electronically, pleasetypeyour name as an acceptable form of your signature.Assessment Result(tick √): SatisfactoryUnsatisfactoryResubmitRef: Student Information Handbook (5.6) Reassessment AppealsNB: The rating of Competency can only be provided as a summative assessment at the end of a unit.Assessor Feedback and Comments to Student:Assessor Name (printed):Assessor Signature (signed):Ref: Trainer and Assessor requirements as listed in the Sessional Trainers and Assessors Policy and the Policy – Guidelines forPlanning and Conducting VET Assessment & Student Assessments Policy.
BSBLDR403 – Lead team effectivenessAssessment 3 Team Project PlanTeam project planThe assessment task is due on the date specified by your assessor. Any variations tothis arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor.Submit this document with any required evidence attached. See specifications belowfor details.Performance objectiveYou must lead your team in order to identify, establish and document team purpose,roles, responsibilities, goals and objectives. You must engage the team to develop aplan which will enable them to incorporate innovation and productivity measures tomeet expected work outcomes. Your plan must be aligned with organisational goalsand objectives.Assessment descriptionIn this assessment task, you are required to identify a goal, form a team to meet thatgoal, and create a plan in order to achieve expected team outcomes.The mechanism that will underpin the team development will be a project. In theworkplace, teams commonly form around projects to complete the outcomes, andthen adjourn. The difference between a successful and unsuccessful project is oftenteam effectiveness.You are required to select a project to work on with your team. You will need torecruit two or more people to be your team members. You need to demonstrate yourleadership ability to your team, who can be work colleagues, educational colleagues,family or personal friends/acquaintances. You must engage team members toincorporate innovation and productivity measures in your work plans and supportyour team in meeting expected outcomes.Procedure1.Choose a project to be undertaken in your work place OR (if you are currentlynot able to undertake a project in your work place) complete the assessment inthe case study in Appendix 1A.2.If you are choosing a project tin your workplace, provide an outline of this inAppendix template 1B. You will be of this assessment task to use as the basisfor your team project.3.Obtain approval of your trainer and assessor for your choice of project and fromyour workplace supervisor / management.4.Organise your team. You will need to choose two (2) or more team members toassist you, and you will need to inform them of what to expect through theirinvolvement.5.Establish, document and agree on the team’s purpose and what the teamneeds and wants to achieve.6.Agree, share and communicate roles and responsibilities within the team.7.Ensure each person in the team has an opportunity to demonstrate leadership.Page3of28
8.Devise a project plan. Conduct a team meeting to develop a plan with yourteam (take minutes of this team meeting) that includes the following elements.a.Project plan – This includes goals and objectives, deliverables(incorporating workplace innovation and productivity measures; recordnew ideas and achieved improvements on the balanced scorecard), anda communications and reporting plan.a.i.You may use the minutes template at the end of this assessmenttask or you may create your own (see Appendix 2 to this task).a.ii.Decide with your team how you will monitor and review your planduring the course of the project. You must decide when you willmeet to review your team’s progress and what kinds of progressreports will be generated. This information should be recorded inthe communications and reporting plans.b.Tasks and resources required – You must agree with your team on thetasks that must be carried out, the resources that will be necessary, andwhich tasks may be considered milestones. You may use any of thefollowing templates to aid in this process; or create your own planningtools:a.i.task list (Appendix 3 to this task)a.ii.Gantt chart (Appendix 4 to this task)a.iii.milestone chart (Appendix 5 to this task).c.Team and personal work schedules – Decide who will do what tasks andwhen they need to be completed.a.i.You may use the work schedule template at the end of thisassessment task or create your own (see Appendix 8 to this task).a.ii.Inform your team members that they can also create their ownpersonal work schedules. You may use the template at the end ofthis assessment task (see Appendix 8).a.iii.Demonstrate your leadership skills by supporting team members toset schedules and meet expected outcomesd.Optional – Skills matrix– Identify the training needs of your team.Demonstrate leadership by modelling examples of skills and supportingteam development of skills, particularly exploring innovation/productivitymeasures. You may use the template at the end of this assessment taskor create your own (see Appendix 6).e.Optional – Training planner– Plan training where necessary for each ofyour team members. You may use the template at the end of thisassessment or create your own (see Appendix 7).f.OptionalInnovation and productivity measuresmay be included.g.Optional – Coaching/mentoringyour team members offers you theopportunity to ensure that they can carry out the tasks that you assignthem.
BSBLDR403 – Lead team effectivenessAssessment 3 Team Project Plan9.You will need to meet with management (your assessor) to:a.present your project plan, discuss the project’s progress and gatherfeedback to relay to the team in Assessment Task about the importance of maintaining communication throughout theduration of the projectc.gain approval for the project plan.10.Submit all documentation to your assessor as per the specifications below.Make sure to keep a copy for your records.Student DeliverablesYou must:participate in a team project planning meetingparticipate in a meeting with management (assessor)submit:a project plan, with goals and objectives, deliverables and communicationsa portfolio of supporting information and at least one project managementtool, such as schedules, action plans, Gantt or milestone charts, your recordof addressing innovation and productivity measures, your gap analysisand/or skills matrix, and training planners for each team membera team work schedulea completed meeting agenda and meeting minutes of your team planningmeeting.Your assessor will be looking for evidence of:consultation with team members in order to establish clear team purpose, roles,responsibilities, goals and objectivesengagement of team members to incorporate innovation and productivitymeasures in work plansyour providing opportunities for your team members to participate in planning,decision-making and problem-solvingleadership (facilitation) of the work team to encourage others to takeresponsibility for their own work and to assist team members in undertakingrequired roles and responsibilitiesyour contribution to the work team serving as a role model for other teammembersknowledge of organisational goals, objectives and plansopen communication with management (assessor) at all times.Page5of28
AppendicesAppendix 1A: Case studyCase study 4: Fernwood PharmacyThefollowing document is an excerpt from Fernwood Pharmacy’s businessplan.Fernwood Pharmacy Business PlanFernwood Pharmacy is an innovative, professional business tailored for the ruraldemographic. Fernwood Pharmacy is an innovative company that was establishedby three registered pharmacists.Fernwood provides tailor-made services for the immediate community and forthose more remote areas in Australia where health services are deteriorating andthe opportunity for business growth exists. This is achieved by compoundingspecialist lines, and promoting this type of care to consumers and healthprescribers, including doctors, dentists and other health care professionals.Fernwood values innovation and this is reflected by its focus on the diverse roles ofa pharmacist, with the objective of strong returns for its shareholders.1.1 ObjectivesThe objectives for the first three years include the following.Enhance community understanding about compounding pharmacy and itsservices.Increase the number of customers by more than 30% per year.Develop a business that survives off its own cash flow.Initiate and facilitate a community committee by the end of the first year ofbusiness.Make Fernwood Pharmacy the leading pharmacy in Western Australia byoffering knowledgeable and professional customer service. Customer servicewill be measured through repeat business (our goal is that 70% of ourcustomers will return within six months for an additional purchase).1.2 MissionFernwood Pharmacy will:be the pioneers of individualised health care for rural communities in WesternAustraliastrengthen relationships with our local health care professionals and otherhealth care facilities in order to gain greater community presence as thedestination rural compounding pharmacybe recognised as the leading rural compounding pharmacy as we expand ourbusiness into other rural regions of Australiaemploy innovative strategies to attract and retain talented staff in order tomaintain a professional and positive work culturestrengthen community ties by way of a community liaison committee andparticipation in community events.
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