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BSBLDR403 – Lead Team Effectiveness

Added on - 23 Nov 2020

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Assessment 3 ProjectReportUnit code and title:BSBLDR403 – Lead team effectivenessAssessment 3 – Team project reviewDateAssessment conditionsAssessment modalitySatisfactory rateIf this is not achieved thestudent has the opportunity to resubmit theassessment after receiving feedback and re-training as confirmed by their trainer/assessorAssessment location: (please tick)In-classonlineTeam project report –assessment3Team project plan –assessment1Team project Review –assessment2Ref: as listed in the Course Unit Outline and Assessment DueDates List for the coursePage1of15
BSBLDR403 – Lead team effectivenessAssessment 3 Team Project ReportAssessor InstructionsThe assessment is made when all of the short answer fields in the template are completed. Theseare to be completed according to the assessment guide and decision making rules. Final decisionis to be made and recorded on Assessment result below and on the results template via theCourse Coordinator.Required documents and equipmentAssessment GuideAssessment Task 3assessment task appendicesaccess to computer lab.Instructions for assessorThis assessment task requires the student to review the team project, documented in AssessmentTask 1 (plan) and implemented in Assessment Task 2 (implementation and progress review). Inaddition to your role as assessor, you must also act as the student’s supervisor in this project.Assessment 3a – PresentationStudents are required to prepare and conduct a presentation to management (the assessor).Students explain the review information (planned to be contained in the written report) andevaluate their team’s contribution. The student is required to report on any issues or problems theteam has encountered, including conflict. The student will be asked to explain how they resolvedthese issues. Students are required to present feedback collected from their team on theireffectiveness as a leader and a brief reflection on their success as a team leader.Assessment 3b – ReportThe student is also required to prepare a written post-project review report which includes teameffectiveness surveys and reflections of the student on their success as a team leader. The reportalso must demonstrate knowledge of principles and techniques of group leadership andmanagement. Students are also required to hold a post-project review meeting in which theycelebrate successes, identify opportunities for improvement, and then disband.Students should understand that the content of their projects does not need to include highlytechnical information or completely accurate budgets or cost estimates. Learners are not expectedto provide highly specific details regarding fields they lack experience in. Sufficient research on theproject should be encouraged to facilitate understanding of team objectives and tasks.Note:This assessment must take place during the group activities.Page2of15
BSBLDR403 – Lead team effectivenessAssessment 3 Team Project ReportPlanning the assessmentRecommend date for assessment: During Session 7.Time required for assessment: Time required may vary as required by individual work teams.You will need to organise a meeting with the student. Students must also be informed of thesubmission date for the post-project review report (including reflection on effectiveness asleader and team feedback) as early on in the training program as possible.The meeting with management (the facilitator) is an informal presentation but the studentmay use PowerPoint presentation, spreadsheets or handouts in addition to their post-projectreview report in order to communicate all the information effectively.The student must:oparticipate in a team meetingopresent the final results of the project to management (assessor)osubmit a post-project review report that includes a brief reflectionosubmit all documentation used in completion of task, including:minutes of post-project review team meetingissues logteam effectiveness surveys from team members.Ref: Assessment Guide for the Assessment & Mayfield Education Assessment Guide: Planning & Conducting Assessment PolicyStudent InstructionsRead each question carefully.In order to be deemed Satisfactory in this compulsory assessmenttask you must answer ALL the numbered questions below.Write/type answers in the fieldsprovided.Short answers should consist of no more than three sentences. This can be typed anddot points can be used. This must be undertaken by yourself and you are able to use your studynotes to assist you with completing the answers. If you do not receive a ‘Satisfactory’ result (NYS)you will be provided with an alternative supplementary assessment.Ref: Student Information Handbook (5) & Student Assessment Policy and ProcedureStudent DeclarationI, ......................................................(Student toprint name)state that the work I submit ismy own and I have not copied this in any form except where due reference has been made to this.If you are completing this form electronically, pleasetypeyour name as an acceptable form ofyour signature.Student Comments:Ref: Student Information Handbook (5.6)Page3of15
BSBLDR403 – Lead team effectivenessAssessment 3 Team Project ReportStudent Signature:If you are completing this form electronically, pleasetypeyour nameas an acceptable form of your signature.Date:Assessment Result(tick √):SatisfactoryUnsatisfactoryResubmitRef: Student Information Handbook (5.6) Reassessment AppealsA Satisfactory Result determines that you will receive 20% towards thefinal result in the unit/subjectNB: The rating of Competency can only be provided as a summativeassessment at the end of a unit.Outcome recorded on Results sheet(tick√):YesDate entered:By whom:Results are entered into the electronic Results SheetAssessor Feedback and Comments to Student:Assessor Name (printed):Date received:Assessor Signature (signed):Ref: Trainer and Assessor requirements as listed in the Sessional Trainers and Assessors Policy and the Policy – Guidelines forPlanning and Conducting VET Assessment & Student Assessments Policy.Page4of15
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