BSBMGT615 Contribute to Organization Development

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BSBMGT615Contribute to organization development
OVERALL ASSESSMENT RESULTFull Name:Student ID Number:Class Batch:Assessment Due Date:Assessor Full Name:Assessment1 Outcome□ Satisfactory □ Not Satisfactory Assessment 2 Outcome: □ Satisfactory □ NotSatisfactory Assessment3 Outcome□ Satisfactory □ Not Satisfactory Assessment4 Outcome□ Satisfactory □ Not SatisfactoryFeedback to the student: Re-submission required:Overall Assessment Outcome: □ Competent □ Not Yet CompetentAssessor’s Signature:Date:
ASSESSMENT COVER SHEETPlease ensure this form is fully completed (including signature) prior to submitting.Student ID Number:Class Batch:Student Name:Unit code & Title Course:Due Date: Module:Trainer’s name:PLAGIARISMPlagiarism is the act of representing as one’s own original work the creative works ofanother, without appropriate acknowledgement of the author or source.COLLUSION
Collusion is the presentation by a student of an assignment as his or her own which is infact the result in whole or in part of unauthorized collaboration with another person orpersons. Collusion involves the cooperation of two or more students in plagiarism orother forms of academic misconduct and as such, both parties are subject to disciplinaryaction. Plagiarism and collusion constitute cheating.Disciplinary action will be taken against students who engage in plagiarism and collusionas outlined in the school’s policies. See ‘Student Discipline/Misconduct Policy’ and‘Assessment Policy' Assignments must be typed using document software such as MSWord; no handwritten assignments will be accepted (Unless, prior written confirmation isprovided by the Trainer/Assessor to confirm) STUDENT DECLARATION I herebycertify that:1. This assessment task is my own work based on my personal study/research and not thework of another student and/or source2. I have acknowledged all material and sources used to prepare this assessment task.3. I have not plagiarised or copied any part of this assessment task from the work of anyother student or source.4. This assessment task has not previously been submitted.5. I am aware of the requirements set by my trainer.
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