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BSBPMG515 Manage Project Human Resources – Summative Assessment Task 3Revision:00ASSESSMENT COVER SHEETCandidate’s Name:Zora SinghStudentNumber:WAI00003OEAssessor Name:Geoffrey DAWSONQualification:BSB51415 Diploma of Project ManagementUnit Code:BSBPMG515Unit Name:Manage Project Human Resources1stAttempt:2ndAttempt:3rdAttempt:Assessment Task 3:Satisfactory:Unsatisfactory:Comments:Assessor’s Signature:Candidate’s Signature:Date:Date:BSBPMG515 - Manage Project Human Resources1|P a g e
BSBPMG515 Manage Project Human Resources – Summative Assessment Task 3Revision:00Elements and Performance CriteriaLearning OutcomesSNSTask 1Task 2Task 3Element 1. Plan Human Resources Relevant to Projects1.1 Determine resource requirements for individual tasks todetermine required project personnel levels and competenciesA1, A2, A31.2 Establish project organisation and structure to alignindividual and group competencies with project tasksA1, A2, A31.3 Allocate personnel to the project to meet planned workoutputs throughout project timelineA1, A2,1.4 Apply human resources management (HRM) methods,techniques and tools to support engagement and performanceof personnelA1, A2, A3Element 2. Implement Project Personnel Training & Development2.1 Negotiate, define and communicate clear project roledescriptionsA1, A2, A32.2 Identify, plan and implement ongoing development andtraining of project team members to support personnel andproject performanceA2, A32.3 Measure individuals' performance against agreed criteriaand initiate actions to overcome shortfalls in performanceA2, A3Element 3. Lead Project Team3.1 Implement processes and take action to improve individualperformance and overall project effectivenessA2, A33.2 Monitor and report, for remedial action, internal andexternal influences on individual and project teamperformance and moraleA2, A33.3 Implement procedures for interpersonal communication,counselling, and conflict resolution to maintain a positive workenvironmentA2, A33.4 Identify and manage inter-project and intra-projectresource conflict to minimise impact on achievement ofproject objectivesA2, A3Element 4. Finalise Human Resource Activities Related to Projects4.1 Disband project team according to organisational policiesand proceduresA1, A2,4.2 Identify and document human resource issues andrecommended improvementsA1, A2,Performance Evidence.Evidence of the ability to:1. plan and allocate human resources to a projectA1, A2,2. identify and organise project personnel training anddevelopmentA33. manage project personnel to achieve project outcomesA1, A34. apply human resource management (HRM) methods,techniques and tools to the project.A1, A2, A3Knowledge Evidence.To complete the unit requirements safely and effectively, the individual must:1. summarise human resource management (HRM) methods,techniques and toolsA2,2. explain strategies for managing project human resourcesand their application to different situationsA1, A2, A33. explain processes used to measure individuals' performanceagainst agreed criteriaA1, A2, A34. explain techniques for managing and improvingA1, A2, A32|P a g e
BSBPMG515 Manage Project Human Resources – Summative Assessment Task 3Revision:00performance.Additional evidence and/or Training Requirements have been agreed by both student and assessor andthe Plan (as agreed) is attached.Applicable:Not Applicable:3|P a g e
Document HistoryRevRecord of Changes Made Since Previous Revision00Initial DocumentRevision ControlRevisionStatusOriginator / Name & DateReview DateApprover/ Name & Date00IFRGeoffrey Dawson 23/7/17Instructions to Student:Assessment PrerequisitesTo complete this assessment student will need access to computer which has access to MS Office2013 or later, or alternative OpenOffice 4.1 or later.Submission Lodgement:Assessment is to be completed, typed and presented with a unit Cover Sheet using thistemplate.Lodged by email on or before the due date. (Hand written submission will have required to beresubmitted.)Applications for late lodgement must be made by the due date.This Assessment is a Summative Assessment comprising of Three (3) Project/PracticalActivities. All Activities must be answeredReferencing:Each answer must contain the Participant Guide Page reference as source for justification ofyour answerStyled as:Reference: Participant Guide – Topic Heading – Paragraph # - Page Number eg.Reference: Participant Guide – Scope Control Outputs – Paragraph - Page 404|P a g e
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