BSc Computing. Practical Project. Project Specification

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BSc ComputingPractical ProjectProject Specification(v1– April 2014)Complete this Project Specification and return it to your supervisor, with a copy to the RDIDissertations Office ( length:3-4 pages.IdentificationYour name:Your email address:Date:Working Title of the ProjectSTUDENT DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMSummaryThe purpose of this project is to provide a software system for providing assistance to thestudents, staff and administration of an organization. The main purpose of this softwareapplication is that it can be utilized by any educational institution, either it be small tuitioncentre or a big University.The objective is to provide assistance to all the people associated with any educationalinstitute in any form. It aims to provide the application in cloud computing form and pay onused service basis. It will help in the management of students, staff, courses andexamination. Other information will also be included to provide maximum assistance topersons associated with an educational institution.ObjectivesTo provide assistance to the students, staff and other persons associated with aneducational environment.To provide assistance through cloud computing service mode.1
To provide user friendly environment so that even school students can easilywork.To provide the service on pay on service only.Document ResourcesTechnical papers on student Database Management.Literature review on Journals on Student Database Management.Literature review on Cloud Computing.By researching the services and facilities of companies who provide Cloud Computingservices.By studying previous similar projects.MethodologyWill design the questionnaire for students and staff to determine their expectationsfrom such type of application.Will use an online survey on various requirements for such type of application.Will conduct interviews.Will study previous similar applications.Will review the cloud based websites providing such facilities.Platforms(Hardware, software packages, languages or environments.)Cloud computing service, word press, SQL ServerDeliverables(What will your project deliver? (In more detail than the PID.)Project ReportArtefactAccess to the artefact by Examiners and other users2
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