Business Management with Foundation Assignment

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BSc (Hons) Business Management withFoundationBMP3004World of WorkFunctional AreasSubmitted by:Name:ID:0
Contents1.0 Introduction22.0 What is a business?23.0 What is Functional areas of business – Definition24.0 What are the key functional areas of a business?25.0 Description of the various functional areas in businessorganizations35.1 Marketing35.2 Human Resource Management35.3 Customer Service35.4 Finance35.5 Research and Development45.6 Sales46.0 Description of the types of skills needed by employeesto be able to work effectively in these functional areas46.1 Skills needed by Marketing employees46.2 Skills needed by Human Resource Management employees46.3 Skills needed by Customer Service employees56.4 Skills needed by Finance employees56.5 Skills needed by Research and Development employees56.6 Skills needed by Sales employees67.0 Conclusion6References71
1.0 IntroductionIn companies there are a variety of tasks conducted every day. Each one has its role inenabling the whole organization to achieve its objectives. Thus, the management of suchfunctions should be conscious not only of their specialist field of work, but of how theirunits are in keeping with the organizational structure and can support the other fields, thetype of personnel and the qualifications of the enterprise(Dracopoulos 2014).2.0 What is a business?Company needsthe supply and sale of goods. Business Company can be aninclusive term, but it specifies the activities of people participating in the selling orpurchase of goods and related commercial assets. Company means material tradeand carriage. Company is typically a broad scale for manufactured products throughmanufacturing or processing. The operation and operation of public suppliers ofgoods or individuals shall be carried on by company(Dracopoulos 2014).3.0 What is Functional areas of business - DefinitionA functional position defines a variety of competencies and tasks usually conductedby an organisation, such as a manager, director, and vice chairman. Theorganizational framework of an organisation determines functional functions. Thesepositions in the unit are allocated personnel. In the classification hierarchy, you showthe set of functional functions. You may assign an asset a fundamental role aftermaking innovative roles in the hierarchy of classification. Often space associatedwith specific functions. During a transfer, the distribution of a space is based onfunctional tasks and the rights to the functional position. The right to work defines theform and the size of the room an individual can transfer to(Dracopoulos 2014).4.0 What are the key functional areas of a business?The key functional areas of a business are marketing, HRM, customer service,finance, R&D, and sales.2
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