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Information Technology for Business Assignment (Doc)

Added on - 03 Dec 2020

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B.Sc. (Hons)Information Technology and Business Information System (Top-up)Final Year Project Research Proposal.Topic:Mobile based application on for protecting the citizens of Mauritius againstFlash FloodSubmitted for: Mr. Divesh RopoowaPrepared By:Oyebanji Oluwaseyi SheriffM00789353Date: October 27, 2020
Table of ContentsProject Title3Introduction3Rationale4Research Scope5Description6Development Methodology7Outcome of planned process8Timeline9Resources Required9References16
1.Project TitleBuild a mobile app that prevents Mauritius citizens against flash floods2.IntroductionBackgroundMain emphasis on state, national and international water sources required foragriculture, energy production, industrial uses, domestic needs, and climateis being imposed on higher living levels, population shifts, water and soil andother foreign influences. Much of Europe has seen a reduction in the volumeand quality of groundwater, particularly server pressure and water levels,which have had negative effects on the environment (Kløve et al., 2014).What is Flash Flood?Flash flood is a fast overflowing of lowlands such as rivers, dry lakes,hurricane, and typhoon. Flash flood also occurs after the collapse of a naturalice or damaged dam.Flash floods are identified by a period of less than sixhours between rainfall and flooding.Flash floods may occur everywhere, but in urban areas, such as counties,they are more likely to occur than in rural areas. The theory is, in urbancenters where these areas are covered in paving, pavement or othersubstance that water cannot be exposed to, there are less sites in the waterto fall to the bottom.Water flows downhill almost always, and any region canalso have more storm than others.Flash flood analysis crucially depends on documented case data forhypothesis testing. However, flash flood technology suffers from datashortages. Since the processing of incident data is extremely difficult, thereare few extensive and long-term flash floods.However, scientists should usetime to build case data sets to advance flood science. This paper thereforetakes one first step in structuring the flash flood reporting protocol tominimize the data collection and planning effort. With the invention oftechnology to Internet of Things (IoT) weather forecasting has made it easierto read through out the world which allows scientist gather data on naturaloccurring’s / changes, Due to the non-regular occurrence of flash flood insome areas, its been difficult to gather data’s for flash flood since its not aregular occurring catastrophe.
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