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Assessment for Evaluating Evidence for Practice

Added on -2019-09-13

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BSc NursingAssessment for Evaluating Evidence for PracticeAssignment BriefThis assignment offers you the opportunity to demonstrate how you will useevidence for patient care and determine the impact your action has upon the deliveryof your care.This assignment demands of you that you use all the knowledge and skills you havedeveloped in the course so far as well as learning in this particular module. Moreinformation can be found in appendix 2.The assignment is in the form of a 4000 word (+ or - 10%) in-depth critical appraisalof a selected research paper which you will then go on and discuss in terms ofrelevance and impact to the delivery of care. The marking criteria clearly showwhere the marks are distributed across the learning outcomes.The submission date for this assignment will be found in your online assessment scheduleIf the date of this submission changes an announcement will be made on the BlackBoard site and you will be informed viaemail. Additionally, the date will be changedwithin theassessment tab of the Black Board site.Submission, Presentation and Feedback Details Presentation of your workYour work must be word processed and printed in black ink. Use a clear, size 12font such as Arial or Times New Roman. Double-space the text except for quotationsover two lines long, which should be indented and single-spaced. The reference listand appendix can be single-spaced. Pages should be clearly numbered. Front pageYour assignment should have a front sheet which contains the information given inAppendix 1.Word limitThe word limit for the assignment is 4,000 words (+/- 10%). The search table,reference list and appendices (not marked) are not included in the word limit.However, the appraisal grid/tool, subheadings and references appearing in the mainbody of your assignment (author's name and date - even if it is in brackets) do counttowards it. You need to state the exact number of words used on the front page ofyour assignment and please be aware that lecturers might check if they think youhave gone over the 4,000 word (+/- 10%) limit. If your work exceeds the word limitby more than10%, the mark awarded will be reduced by 10% (10 marks).V Griffith | January 2016
BSc NursingAssessment for Evaluating Evidence for PracticeReferencingYou must accurately reference all sources used in your assignment (as a citation inthe main assignment and a full reference in the reference list at the end of your work)using the Harvard referencing system. More details on the Sheffield HallamUniversity Harvard referencing system can be found at either: quotations must be acknowledged including the page number. If you are quotingonly a few words or one sentence, it will be sufficient to indicate this by usinginverted commas in the text, with the source, including the page number(s) inbrackets. If words are missed out of the quotation, indicate by three full stops. If thequotation is longer, indent it and use single spacing.Confidentiality:You must maintain anonymity and confidentiality when referring to other individuals or organisations. Please refer to the Sheffield Hallam University policy and guidelines on this issue: your assignmentAssignments must be submitted electronically via Grade Centre by the deadline. Failure to submit will result in a refergrade for the module. You will be entitledto a refer attempt (final attempt) after the examination board. Before submitting your assignment please check it is the final version and not an earlier draft. Once you have submitted your assignment you cannot change it.Turnitin UKThis is a plagiarism detection tool. When submitting your assignment for gradingyou are also required to submit a copy to Turnitin. You can use Turnitin to checkyour work as many times as you like prior to submission. However, please ensurethat the final version uploaded to Turnitin is the same as the one submitted forgrading.V Griffith | January 2016
BSc NursingAssessment for Evaluating Evidence for PracticeExtensions and extenuating circumstancesIf you need to request an extension to the submission deadline, or feel that you mayhave extenuating circumstances that affect your ability to complete this work, pleasecontact your Student Support Officer (SSO) as soon as possible. Full guidance is available at: students with DyslexiaIf you have a learning contract for dyslexia, you are strongly advised to make anappointment with a specialist dyslexia tutor. The Disabled student Support Teamrecommends that you do this immediately after you have been given the assignmentguidelines. Accessing support throughout the process is more likely to be effectivethan waiting until nearer the hand-in date. The team can be contacted on extension3964. Markers will be informed of the students who have learning contracts butplease ensure that you indicate this on the front sheet of your assignment.Assignment supportPlease see Guiding Principles for Assessment Support - Levels 4 to 6 (6th November2014) which is under the Assessment Tab on the module site.MarkingYour assignment will be marked by your supervisor wherever possible, if for anyreason your supervisor is not able to mark your assignment an appropriate lecturerwill be identified to mark your work.FeedbackYou will be notified of when your feedback will be available and you can downloadthis from Grade Centre. It is important to remember that the feedback is ‘unratified’and potentially subject to change until after the assessment board has met. You willreceive written and individual feedback, using the marking criteria and feedbacksheet (copies of these can be found in the assessment section).V Griffith | January 2016

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