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Unit 1. Information Technology Systems

Added on - 24 Jan 2022

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When submitting evidence for assessment, each learner must sign a declaration confirming that
the work is their own.
Learner Name:
Assessor Name:Muslimakhon Kabirjonova
BTEC Programme Title:International IT
Unit or Component Number and
Unit 1. Information Technology Systems – strategy,
management and infrastructure.
Assignment Title:Pearson BTEC Set Assignment
Date Assignment Submitted:22.01.2021
Please list the evidence submitted for each task. Indicate the page numbers where the evidencecan be
found or describe the nature of the evidence (e.g. video, illustration).
Assignment task referenceEvidence submitted
Learner declaration
I certify that the work submitted for this assignment is my own. I have clearly referenced any sources
used in the work. I understand that false declaration is a form of malpractice.
Learner signature:Date:22.01.2021
In our Hiro’s Food, we need software for controlling the system and Linux is very powerful and secure
compared to other software systems. Why Linux? Because our restaurant has been doing some kind of
services for people who want to eat-out. It is very important in terms of meeting the needs of our clients
and Hiro’s Food. Linux can remove viruses easily and there is no threat in terms of viruses and also if we
want to make it safe we can download Panda antivirus additionally to our operating system and it will be
much more secure for our important data and information. Another reason to protect our data and
information both internally and externally.
The supervisors of the restaurant decided to purchase and using hardware we want to meet the client’s
desire. Finally, we bought a scanner for scanning important documents which are related to our restaurant
policy, IP telephone is essential for us to call to each other as it is very fast to call to staff and we have to
add Ram to use our computer properly and HDD 1 Terabyte and because our clients are increasing and we
have to change our computer storage to collect data for our clients and store internal information.
For our Hiro’s Food Restaurant transmitting data is very important until now we have been using wireless
internet connection and yesterday we changed it in Ethernet cable. Because if we know about fast working
the key of the greatness and the working pace is necessary for our Hiro’s Food company. Moreover, we
have created a Local Area Network (LAN) for our restaurant because of its price and trustability for us and
LAN for only the small area network system.
IT infrastructure impact on Hiro’s Food restaurant is related to online and offline ordering between Clients
and us. In our company all of us trying to communicate with clients through online ordering app and also
we have email and Telegram to make an easy communication. The dining room staff always busy with
people who wanted to eat out, and the Receptionist works with clients who are complaining about our
service and gives some kind of response to them in a positive way.
IT infrastructure will have great positive impact if we will develop our company’s working system properly.
If we will develop our knowledge because of cutting edge technologies year by year and we may compete
with our competitors and can give a lot of comfortable services to our clients who have chosen our
restaurant service. Moreover, we have to change our LAN to Wide Area Network (WAN) as it is important
to give them several privileges like giving them free wireless internet.
Hiro’s Food Restaurant has an adequate reputation to achieve clients need because of internal and external
data and information long experience. We are using external data and information and has a high range of
data analysis which is related to the clients order and so on. Furthermore, we have been using internal data
to know about employees’ characteristic to the clients and their personal information also available to our
database and we are using it in advance.
Computer external data and information can be stored and used by PC programs and Hiro’s Food
Restaurant is relying on gathering and utilizing data to plan and operate a stable menu that is rooted in the
client’s desire. For example, if a lot of people want to change the one type of the delicious food like adding
some kind of spices and so on. Another point is that all of the working hours and days will check by
accountants to give a salary.
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