The Communication Protocols

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Faculty of Business Management & GlobalizationFaculty of Information & Communication TechnologyBTECH3617/BIT3273 ● COMPUTER NETWORKDepartment: Faculty of Information & Communication TechnologyCourse Name:B Sc (Hons) in Information Technology,B Sc (Hons) in Business Information Technology,Semester: 05/06Commence Date: Week 5Deadline Date: Week 10Unit Controller / Examiner: Pn. Noris IsmailContact Number: 03-8317 8833 ext. 8978E-mail: OverviewTCP/IP and UDP/IP communicationsThere are two communication protocols that one can use for socket programming: datagramcommunication and stream communication.Datagram communication:The datagram communication protocol, known as UDP (user datagram protocol), is a connectionlessprotocol, meaning that each time you send datagrams, you also need to send the local socket descriptorand the receiving socket's address. As you can tell, additional data must be sent each time acommunication is made.Stream communication:The stream communication protocol is known as TCP (transfer control protocol). Unlike UDP, TCP is aconnection-oriented protocol. In order to do communication over the TCP protocol, a connection mustfirst be established between the pair of sockets. While one of the sockets listens for a connectionrequest (server), the other asks for a connection (client). Once two sockets have been connected, theycan be used to transmit data in both (or either one of the) directions.This project will carry 40% of your total marks for this module.Project TitleSocket Programming to illustrate TCP/UDP connections in Distributed Computing Environment.PROJECT REQUIREMENTSIn a group ofFIVE (5)students (maximum), you are required to look for sample of Socket Programmingthat runs on client server environment. Demonstrate the working sample of program.Objectives1.To setup adhoc network using any platform (Window 7, Window 8, Window 10 and etc). SSID(Wireless Network Name) = IMAAN_84. Password = 987654321. Security type = WPA2-Personal. Server IP Address = and Client IP address = Both havestatic IP addresses.2.To illustrate and distinguish between TCP/UDP connections in transmission of the datagram.3.To identify and explain the use of each connection in data transmission.4.To demonstrate socket programming in communication between two nodes.5.To setup connection between two nodes and demonstrate the application.6.To capture data packets using WireShark application and discuss on each type of connections.Expected Outcome1.As in the project, individuals may work together in analyzing the research topic. Each studenthowever, will be responsible for preparing his/her own explanation during the presentation andthe report. The report length should be no less than1000 words. It should include informationfrom no less thanfiveindependent sources and be referenced in accordance with acceptablestandards. Charts, tables and diagrams are expected to illustrate the processes or workflow ofthe program.2.Video presentation on the setup and socket programming applications. Should provideintroduction (socket programming), setup, running programs/applications and conclusion.Duration of the video presentation 10 -15 minutes. All members must participate.Page1of3Group Assignment40%(Rpt – 20% + Video Prsnt – 20%)
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