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Search Engine Optimization - Assignment

Added on - 02 Nov 2020

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BUAD200-001 W2018Chapter 9 Search Engine Optimization: QUIZ1. Search engines look for these signals to be sure they provide the best results to humans:a. Links, trust, testimonials.b. Relevance, links, trust.c. Popularity, importance, relevance.d. Importance, popularity, links.2. SEO can be divided into two main strategies:a. Paid and unpaid.b. On-page and off-page optimization.c. Background and foreground.d. Planned and unplanned.3. _____________________ is/are the very foundation of search.a. Websites.b. Banner advertising.c. Key words and phrasesd. Search engines.4. There are four things to consider when choosing a keyword:a. Volume, competition, propensity to convert, value per lead.b. Advertising budget, semantics, search phrases, relevance.c. Misspelling, competition, conversions, price.d. Language, propensity to convert, relevance, competition.5. The first step in researching key phrases is:a. Brainstorm.b. Gather data.c. Search.d. Review Brand Guide.6. Three considerations to optimize content for key phrases are:a. Bold tags, key words, links.b. Meta description, search terms, misspellings.c. H1 header tags, search terms, links.d. URL, H1 header tag, body content.7. Links are important to search optimization because:a. They send signals of trust.b. Both A and B.c. They help to validate relevance.d. None of the above.8. A brand can optimize their search results by:a. Creating excellent and valuable content that others want to read.b. Linking to multiple other sites and asking them to link back.c. Buying link-backs from community.d. None of the above.9. Mobile search considerations include:
a. Users can use voice, images or scan barcodes.b. Searches are more navigational in nature.c. Answers should be concise and actionable.d. All of the above.10. Strategies to increase search engine results positioning (SERP) include:a. Using hidden text to increase keyword density.b. Submitting a mobile XML sitemap with a mobile tag.c. Sending automated queries to Google to increase results.d. Creating multiple subdomains with duplicate content.Chapter 10 - Search Advertising QUIZ1. Search advertising on search engines is primarily based on:a. Impressions.b. Clickthroughs.c. Keywords.d. Conversions.2. Search engines display results to search queries based on:a. Quality scores.b. Proprietary algorithms.c. Clickthrough rates.d. Sponsorship results.3. Groups of advertisements are organized into advertisementa. accounts.b. plans.c. campaigns.d. general themes.4. The main component of a search is the Ad text. Search engines limit charactersin each line, asfollows:a. Line 1: maximum 25 charactersb. Heading: maximum 25 characters.c. Display URL: maximum 25 charactersd. No more than one use of “best,” or “number one”5. For most PPC advertisers, the ad copy is the _________:a. hardest part of the creative process.b. only tool available to attract attention.c. secondary option to a call to action.d. accumulation of many longtail key phrases.6. Longtail key words can be described as:a. Low-volume, niche search terms.b. High-volume, unique search terms.c. Low-volume, high traffic search terms.d. High-volume, low traffic search terms.
7. Once a user clicks on an advertisement, they will:a. clickthrough to a call to action button.b. arrive at a destination advertisement.c. land on an existing or custom-built campaign web page.d. convert to a purchasing visitor.8. A brand’s location, phone number, special offers or ratings are referred to as:a. Seller brand elements.b. Advertiser information.c. Compliance fundamentals.d. Ad extensions.9. Abroad matchtype means your advert will appear for:a. Keywords entered but not synonyms or other versions of the word(s).b. Search terms that match the keywords exactly.c. Search terms that match the keywords in the same order and all together.d. Keywords entered and search terms containing those words any otherwords in any order.10. Abroad match modifieris indicated by which symbol before the keyword:a. +b.c. /d. *11. Once a visitor lands on your site via an AdWords advert, they can be targetedagain via:a. Location targeting.b. Demographic targeting.c. Behavioural targetingd. Conversion targeting.12. In PPC advertising, the _________________ determines when adverts are eligible toappear:a. maximum bid amountb. advertising platform.c. editorial guidelines.d. keyword volumizer.13. Studies repeatedly show that the adverts _________________ attract the highestclickthroughrates.a. Nearer the top of the page.b. Located in the right-hand margin.c. With the geo-ad extensionsd. Incorporating longtail key phrases.14. The Conversion Rate of an advert can be calculated as:a. Clickthroughs multiplied by conversions.b. PPC divided by conversions.c. Conversions multiplied by PPC.d. Conversions divided by clicks.15. To calculate the average cost per click:a. Divide the total campaign cost by the number of clicks.b. Divide the conversions by the clicks.c. Multiply the clicks by the conversions.
d. Multiply the bid amount by the clicks.16. A Quality Score is applied on:a. An advertisers keywordsb. An advertisers ad groupc. An advertisers account.d. All of the above.17. The Quality Score is determined by:a. Historical conversion rates.b. Relevance of keywords and copy to the search term.c. Successful competitive bids.d. All of the above.18. To calculate the average cost per click:a. Divide the total campaign cost by the number of clicks.b. Divide the conversions by the clicks.c. Multiply the clicks by the conversions.d. Multiply the bid amount by the clicks.Chapter 111. Online advertising is more advantageous than traditional because:a. The visual aspect permits the promotion of brand colours and imagery.b. The budgets are smaller and allow for greater ROI.c. Immediacy of engagement allows for short term conversion to customer.d. There are many more options for online advertising than traditional media.2. Creating demand is a three-step process:a. Inform, persuade and remind.b. Promote, convert, fulfill.c. Awareness, repetition, action.d. Benefits, need, demand.3. Because of the connected nature of the Internet, user activities are highly:a. Engaging and interconnected.b. Trackable and predictable.c. Trackable and measurable.d. Predictable and measurable.4. The significant difference between a standard banner and an interstitial banner is:a. The Interstitial is interactive.b. Where they are seen by the user.c. The need for an independent URL.d. The probability for impressions.5. An advertisement that changes the background of a web page is referred to as a:a. Wallpaper advert.b. Floating advert.c. Pop-under advert.d. Interstitial banner.
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