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Building Inspection Report1BUILDING INSPECTION REPORTBy (Name)CourseProfessor’s nameUniversity nameCity, StateDate of submission
Building Inspection Report2Task two2.1 BUILDING INSPECTIONSample address (insert address and alternative photo of residence)Inspection Category: Pre-purchase builders reportName: ClientEmail:client@yahoo.comTelephone No:Period: 8thMay 2018, 12:30pmAtmospheric conditions: Fine; sunny, low speed winds and no precipitationPersons in attendance:Students name,building owners and electrical inspectorDeclaration:I declare that all the information in this report has been sourced from my own inspection of thepremises in accordance with local legislation, regulations and the building code.
Building Inspection Report3IntroductionScopeThe objective of this inspection is to provide an intricate description, overall impressions andobservations of the building, possible significant defects and faults found in the building and thestate of the building elements. The inspection carried out was non-invasive(Charles, Chen andWellington, 2012), that is, it covered building elements that were visible to the eye and excludesitems that are concealed (e.g., wiring, ventilation, heating, drainage, plumbing, framing orflooring) or may be required to be moved and may cause obstruction to access or visibility (e.g.,furniture, appliances, debris, soil, vegetation, vehicles, personal property or floor covers). Thebuilding owners have assumed that for purposes of this inspection the assumption he is liable forany concealed risks or defects that are found in the period of inspection. No dismantling ordestructive testing will occur during the inspection. No appliances will be tested.Any recommendations presented in this report are made on suggestion basis only. The buildingowner is obligated to ensure that the appropriate actions are implemented to satisfactorystandards[CITATION LLB12 \l 1033].Reasonable accessReasonable access is defined by NZS4306-2005 as the unobstructed, safe access provision andthe least space requirements listed in Table 1 are present.AreaAccessmanhole (mm)CrawlSpace (mm)HeightRoof space450 x 400600 x 600Accessible from a 3.6mladder*subfloor500 x 400Vertical clearance:Timber floor = 400**Concrete floor = 500Roof exteriorAccessible from a 3.6mladder**or such other means of access that satisfy OSH requirements ** From underside of bearer
Building Inspection Report4Table 1: Minimum clearance requirements(Building Structure Inspection standards)In cases where the least space requirements are unavailable, the expanse in the inspector’s fieldof vision is considered for inspection. Situations where none of the circumstances stated areexisting during the time of inspection; it shall be brought to notice in this report.ExclusionsThe following items will not be included in this report: local zoning, soil conditions, geologystructure, construction regulations, asbestos, formaldehyde, engineering analysis,electromagnetic emissions, ecological risks, valuation of the property, restorationapproximations, sheds, separate adjacent constructions, private water systems, any specialisedelectronic controls, saunas, septic tanks, water purification and softener systems, ornamentalissues or hidden and latent faults.Disputes and liabilityAll content in this report is private and may be of use solely by the building owners and not anyother third parties. Any assertion questioning the accuracy of this information can be directed tothe inspector for failure of abiding to the Standards of Practice outlined in NZS 4306:2005.
Building Inspection Report5BUILDING DESCRIPTIONThe building structure is a self-contained maisonette containing three bedrooms. Thematerials used for construction are masonry and concrete for the structural elements, timber, andtreated wood for the floors, ceiling, flashings and wall finishes and steel roofing sheets. Thehouse is located in a ruralneighbourhoodcontext; the large compound has many trees that arealso planted along the boundary line. The building structure is set on the northwestern part of theproperty, exposing the southeastern façade to ample sunlight for most part of the day. The slopeof the land is gently undulating.The building structure has low energy needs since it relies on daylight for majority of thelighting needs and is relatively warm due to the use of wood for interior cladding. However,some rooms have small windows that allow limited daylight into the building.MoistureInspection for moisture was carried out in a non-invasive method as described in the scope.Areas that were surveyed include doors, windows, plumbing fittings, accessible areas along theexterior walls. Moisture contents in these areas were measured by a standard industrial‘Protimeter’ moisture meter. This device provided indications on any moisture fluctuationsdetected along the walls, wall linings or framings (Leung, Sing & Chan, 2015). The resultantdata findings were assessed in consideration of the height level in context, location, substratefindings and the surroundings. The results are shown subsequently in this report. This scanningmethod does not, in any way, serve as a guarantee of weather-tightness since levels will vary indifferent locations of the house and exterior atmospheric conditions.MaintenanceMaintenance is a critical factor that determines the lifespan of a building after initialconstruction. Any current state of a building structure can only be as good as its maintenance.The assessment of the maisonette is as follows:Past maintenance of the building:Satisfactory
Building Inspection Report6Future maintenance expectations in regards to the materials and age:AverageGeneral state in regards to category, time and anticipations of related elements:AverageEquipmentGarageadjoined steel structureShelterTwo shed detectedTV antennaeOne sky dishClothing linesix clothing lines notedMailboxWooden and steel mailboxOthersolar panels detected on the roof (excluded frominspection)
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