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Running head: SUMMARYSummary of the two articlesName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1SUMMARYArticle 1- Why Do States Build Nuclear WeaponsThis article mainly focuses on the importance of why states need to build nuclearweapons. Building nuclear weapon is necessary for international security in the future as wellpresent foreign policies. However, today many states are seen to have shown interestregarding the decision making for developing nuclear weapons compared to few states thatare still abstained from taking this type of decisions. According to the US policymakers andthe scholars of international relations, the decision of developing nuclear weapon in the statemainly occurs when they are left with no alternatives while facing noteworthy military threatto the security of their state. This article further investigates three theoretical frameworkswhich highlights why the states builds or withhold them from developing nuclear weapons.The security model suggests that in order to enhance national security against foreign ornuclear threat states built nuclear weapon. Then there is the domestic politics model, whichvisualizes nuclear weapons as political tools that are utilized to increase domestic as well asbureaucratic interests. Lastly, the norms model has been discussed which says that weaponsdevelopment imparts an essential normative symbol of modernity and identity of the state.Therefore, this article concludes providing the scope for further research along with theinvestigation of the policy dilemmas created by the three frameworks discussed (Sagan,1996).Article 2- The Korea crisisThis article is all about how the neighbors misunderstand North Korea and hownecessary it is mainly on the parts of U.S to analyze as well as understand the genuinesources of the North’s behavior. The main points that were highlighted in this article are thatthis country belongs to the ‘Axis of Evils’ along with Iran and Iraq where they are onlylinked to sale their goods to each other. Then, the leader of North Korea named Kim Jong-II
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