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2Church Hall Case StudyBuilding construction services are key to all manner of building works and the church isno different. From the design period to the handover, different services are involved. Theseservices are key and crucial to attaining the aim and goal of the project. Projections are usuallymet with the satisfaction of the different services being met while the work is under progress.Additionally, for the building to function well, some of key services must be in cooperate duringthe construction period (Hall & Greeno, 2015). The services involved in the design andconstruction period have for a long proved critical in meeting the needs of the buildingconstruction. The building services are critical in achieving the major objective of the projects.There are specific which will be associated with the certain projects. This is the same with thechurch construction, which will be the major focus in this paper. This paper will analyzedifferent building services which need t be in cooperated in the construction of a church project.This paper will add details on the reasons which support the use if these services. Building andaccommodating services are able to enhance the implementation of the projects. The churchproject under consideration as well will have key building services as well as accommodatingservices, which will enhance the meeting of different goals of the project. Design andconstruction period are critical when executing projects and they are able to accompany keyservices, which enhance project implementation (Tomioka & Kawai, 2012). The differentservices to any building must be able to conform to the laid rules and regulations. The NationalConstruction Code and BCA are able to offer the guidelines and strategies on which theseservices will be provided (Australian Building Codes Board, 2016). This paper will analyze theneed for these services and analyze them in accordance with the rules and regulations inAustralian rules and regulations. Each regulation is able to define the different ways on which
3these services have to be delivered at different projects so that they meet the safety and healthstandards.The church is under assembly classification of the building. This means that differentpeople will be able to access the building. The classification means that design in botharchitectural and structural designs are able to depend on the building type. Architecturalservices are key for any project (Minkler, 2012). These are the first services, which are neededbefore the design, and construction of the project starts. The architectural services are able tooutline the nature of the project and the final output of the project. These services are presentedto the client to analyze the aesthetic factors of the building. The architectural services will beable to show the alignment of the church building and the final outlook of the church. This is akey factor for the design of the church to consider the output of the project (Allen & Iano, 2014).The architectural services will enhance the design team to have a clear understanding of thedesign boundaries and parameters for the design. The architectural services are critical indefinition of the boundary and size of the church. The use of these services will define theaesthetic factors of the church and design like. Design team will use the architectural servicesoutput to design the different members of the church project. The new church location andboundaries, it size and design structure will be all defined in the architectural services. Thismakes the services important during the design period and therefore can be included as part ofthe design services to be offered. In addition, these services are critical during the constructionperiod and they help to elaborate different ideas, which were presented before (Cowdery, 2007).The design team will rely on the architectural services to make key design designs (AustralianBuilding Codes Board, 2016). This is because these services will guide them on the design looks
4of the church building. Different elements will be defined on the architectural services and therethese will be key services to be included on this case study.In addition, structural provisions must be met in accordance to part B1. This has to ensurethat the structural elements are able to enhance the safety of the building. The buildings have tomeet the elements to ensure that the buildings do not collapse (Australia. 1990). The structuralservice and provisions must be provided to ensure that the building meets the requirements toensure the building is able to withstand the different needs. In addition, the structural elementsare able to enhance the safety and risks against some key factors such as the fire resistance.Structural reliability must be met in the design and ensuring that the structural needs is met. Thisensures that the services provided are able to ensure that the structural reliability and services areof high quality. Resistance to actions must be met in the process of provision of these structuralservices (Chudley & Greeno, 2013, Australian Building Codes Board, 2016). In addition,qualified design team must be able to meet the required standards and ensure that the structuremeets the relevant needs. The services are able to include different services such as the masonryand concreting casting services. These must ensure that the building is able to meet the requiredstandards in design stage.Decoration services are other key services, which will be needed on the church project.The church decoration is essential to bring out the church message and aesthetic factor. Thedecoration of the church is usually different since they have to present a key message, whichdifferent people will have to associate with the church environment (Faber, 2016). Thedecoration in church environment is done to pass some key message to people and therefore theservices are critical. The decoration team must present the decorations, which are associated withthe church environment and bear the correct message to the people. The decoration services are
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